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really confused!

Hey Ladies ive been having a terrible time these past couple of weeks. I missed my period, at first i just put it down to the stress of moving house and it didnt bother me. Now ive started to feel sick (especially in the mornings) food that i normally like i cant stand to eat. But i did a test that turned out to be negative. I thought that maybe because i was worrying so much about being pregnant that it was delaying my period. I went to the doctors to do a test and that came out negative aswell. When i asked the dr why i was having these symptoms she suggested that maybe it's a phantom pregnancy, where i want a baby so badly that my body starts to mimic the symptoms of early pregnancy. The thing is if thats right, i had no idea that i wanted a baby that badly and i really dont know how i feel about that. I mean my sister is pregnant at the moment and i found myself awwwing over baby clothes (and generally spoiling little-man rotten before he's even arrived) i admit that i got a little broody but never to the point where im in tears like i am now. Im scared i have a test to do at home in a couple of days if the symptoms carry on and im so conflicted i dont know how to react or how i should feel and its really messing with my head. It doesnt help that i burst into tears over the slightest thing lately.

I'm terrified that im pregnant but i know i will be heartbroken if im not. Im sorry if im not making much sense but i just had to get this out before i go mental.


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    If still nothing after a few weeks then go back to GP, did she suggest anything if it is phantom pregnancy?
  • Have you any pains in your lower abdoman? Years ago when my sister was pg with her first my periods stopped and I thought maybe I was pg, I did a few tests all were neg, went to the doctors who gave me another test, still neg. After a couple of months still no period so doctor sent me for an ultrasound and it turned out I had some ovarian cysts. These cleared by themselves a couple of months later and my periods returned to normal.

    If you have any pain then do tell your doctor just in case xx
  • Sorry to be dumb, but why will you be terrified if you are preggo?
  • hey, I tested negative for 17 days, then positive on the 18th day, despite having symptoms since my last period.
  • It could be your body playing tricks on you, mine has done something similar...

    At the beginning of this year me and h2b started trying for a baby, every month we were trying, my period was late (once by 2 weeks!) And I was convinced I felt sick etc. But every month a preg test showed negative and sooner or later my period would come.

    We then stopped trying (as we set a date for wedding and I didn't want to chance being heavily pregnant on wedding day) and when we weren't trying, every month my period was on time to the day! This month we weren't safe a couple of times, I was due period yesterday and so far nothing!

    Seems like my body finds it funny too make me late, only when there's a chance I'm pregnant!

    Hope you get the result you want.
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