Pill whilst breastfeeding?

Hi, I had my 6 week post-natal check up today and my GP said prescribed me the pill (Loestrin 20 - I have previously used this for 6.5 years prior to conception), however it says on the box that it should not be used whilst breastfeeding. GP said that it is safe to use 6 weeks after delivery but I am concerned it will affect my milk supply. I exclusively bf so have not taken the pill yet as I am worried it will dry me up. Will speak to my hv tomorrow but has anyone taken the pill whilst bf'ing and was it okay for you? Don't want the injection or other long term contraception options as we are hoping to ttc again next year.


  • you can only take a mini pill while breast feeding - ie one hormone not two. check the packet of that pill as i am not familiar with it but if it has more than one hormone then you cant take it while breast feeding.

    i am a health visitor - keep up the good work with the breast feeding image
  • just checked an loestrin is a combined pill so not suitable for breast feeding - you need to go back to gp and ask for the mini pill which is just one hormone - you need to take it exactly same time every day though unfortunatly but then you can breast feed without problems x
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    I was on cerazette mini pill prior to TTC and know it says that is safe for when breast feeding but you need progeston only not with oestrogen (sp) too
  • Thanks for the advice ladies - will go back to docs and ask for mini pill x
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