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has anyone followed a pre conception plan? I am still engaged so not trying to conceive but would like to be able to stop using contraception straight after wedding and see what happens. however, seeing as i have practically a year to go i thought about trying a pre conception plan thing... so i dont smoke or hardly drink but i figured if i hardly drink i could cut that out completely. I need to lose weight definitely and start exercising. Is there anything else i should do? can i start taking pregnacare or something. i also stopped taking the pill years ago so it should be well out my system, we have been using condoms for about 4 years and my periods are very regular.

I know getting pregnant prob wont happen straight away but biggest thing for me is i need to lose weight!!!


  • Love this thread!

    I think you are pretty much doing all the right things.

    My GP told me that male sperms regenerate about every 3 months so you should start taking his and hers pregnacare 3 months before you start trying, both of you to eat lots of iron rich green veggies, drink plenty of water (2 litres a day) and relax!

    We are going to start TTC in June next year so getting ready now, I have quit smoking and rarely drink, I try and eat healthy, and we are going to start taking pregnacare in Feb next year.

    Good luck! image
  • good for you. i work with people who are preg although not a midwife and its so important to get the pre conception right and plan properly - makes a huge difference!
  • thank you Amylou!! Planning a family is a special thing for us and I want to do all i can do give our children the best start in life and by that i need to lose weight. My sister had a baby recently and is about ten stone over weight so i know that i might still be able to have a baby being overweight but i no its very unhealthy for me and the baby and i just think if i cant stop eating chocolate for the sake of my babies then when will i be able to!! i know it will be hard though.

    well done on giving up smoking thats fantastic x
  • There's no harm in starting to take folic acid further than 3 months out, and eating healthily, exercising etc. Read a couple of pregnancy books, but try not to take them *too* literally - a couple of drinks here and there won't do you any harm if you've not started trying yet!
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