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Has anyone had a private scan in the North West?

Good morning ladies,

I just wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction for this really. I have googled it this morning but seem to be finding places that are quoting around £150 for a normal 2d scan. I think i have read some of you having had one for under £100...

any tips would be massively appreciated!



  • This is prob no help but we had our twelve week scan last week and since then we have received lots of offers in post about scans. One offer was bonding time with baby, four pics and gender scan 75 pounds. They offered 4d extra but they frighten me lol. I'm in Manchester so if its any use I can dig out the info.
  • Oh yes that would be great if you could...i can always give them a ring and see if they would see me!

    Thank you image

  • the company is innervision3d they have different locations. there is 3d and 4d but it does seem to be from 16 weeks although if you called them they might have other packages. maybe not the best company if you wanted a very early scan. sorry!
  • Hi, we used a place called take a peek in st helens for a scan at 10 weeks. I can't remember how much it cost exactly but it was very reasonable and we were pleased with the service.

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