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Really Bad Mittelschermz

Ouch! I ovulated last night, it was so painful that there was no chance of trying to make a baby... did try on Wednesday tho so fingers crossed. Does anyone else feel it when they ovulate? last month it was the right side, this month it was the left side. It started at 9 0'clock 4weeks ago, and 9'oclock last night, how weird it is so spot on?! it kept hurting till midday today. I was put on the pill because of it when I was 16, and have been fine,(as have not ovulated) but now we are trying it really hurts. How are we ever going to make a baby if it hurts so much on the most vital day???


  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    I get a sharp pain when I ovulate some months though not every time. Feels like a bad stitch. I'm sick with it occasionally too. There are things you can get other than the pill that help a bit but nothing thats safe to take if youre trying for a baby. Sorry thats not much help but don't think you'tre alone. Hope you are feeling a lot better today. If you try a day before you ovulate (hopefully the pain hasnt started that early) then the sperm can survive for a while and you will still be at your peak time. Have you tried a monitor that tells you when you are about to ovulate? Theres one that gives you other peak days too. xxx
  • Thanks Jules,

    Have not tried a monitor, just presumed that when I get the pain, I have ovulated (or about to) so am just trying on those days. Tried the day before I got the pain and the day after I got the pain, as I thought that the egg dies within 24 hours of ovulation? Am I completely wrong here?
  • BaxterukBaxteruk Posts: 3,373
    Yeah, since the birth of no 4 i feel it every month when i ovulate, it changes sides and is always late in the evening when im relaxing!!!
  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    Choc, the more I look into the whole thing the more I get confused so I'm not the best person to I think you're right but something I read confused me the other night. Have you been on Baby Expert site? A few people on here are members and I found it useful. think I need to spend more time on there to clear a few things up in my head though. lol. Hope you are feeling better today xx
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