Originally we had planned to try for a baby a couple of months after we'd got married (in Aug) so say xmas time but now we have the chance to go abroad in july08 so i don't know if I should wait till after. I know this might sound really stupid but the only reason this is a dilema is I've never been abroad before and this is one thing i'd really like do as we can't even afford to go abroad for our honeymoon. But at the same time i really want a baby.

Also can i just say I too, like many of you miscarried about a year ago it was a really difficult time and unfortunately there were some complications so it's really nice to hear some of you have gone on to have normal pregnancies and it gives me hope that i will be a mummy soon because it is something you worry about

when you've miscarried-my only worry is that the last few months i've ben getting period like pains on a daily basis that become very uncomfortable but i've made a docs appt for nx wk so will get that sorted. Anyway slightly digressing should i go on the hol which is a 1st for me or be a mummy sooner? hmmmmm?????


  • Emma_GiffordEmma_Gifford Posts: 1,589
    why not plan the holiday and start trying easter time - this way if you do get pregant you can still go on holiday?
  • lisa1808lisa1808 Posts: 277
    i wasn't sure about being pregnant and flying?! i desperately want 2 start trying but i'd love to go abroad and xperience going on a plane and im aware once we have a mini-me this won't be so easy to do. I think i'll just let nature take its course and see what happens and when. x btw is that your little one off your avatar - soooooo cute!
  • Emma_GiffordEmma_Gifford Posts: 1,589
    yes thats my little Poppy! she is trouble!

    you can fly up until 36 weeks of pregnancy I think but it wouldnt be pleasant going away in the heat heavily pregnant - yuk.

    its not easy going away with a LO but its possible - we do it - its easier to go when they are under a year old cos they sleep a lot - older than that and they can be a bit of a nightmare on the plane etc.
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