Due July 2012

July mummies:
* Ditzidancer - Natalie. (William Ian Bray / 8lbs / 2nd July @ 18:15)
* Chick-Bass/MiniTurkey - Lou. (Baby Boy / 6lbs 6oz / 3rd July)

* MissPears - Gemma. (Alexia Eva Loates / 7lbs 8oz / 9th July @ 18:04)
* MrsKW2011 - Katie. (Zak Michael Walker / 8lbs 3oz / 11th July @ 21:01)
* RRr2011 - Liz. (Esme Isabella Robinson / 8lbs / 12th July @ 09:35)
* Hopefull2011 – Alison. (Amelie / 7lbs 13oz / 17th July)
* honeybee1981 - Mel. (Zavier James / 7lbs 6oz / 20th July @ 21:28)
* hayleyr2751 – Hayley. (Esmee Izabella Kellet / 6lbs 3oz / 26th July @ 18:28)
* MrsStarr - Lou (Dexter / 27th July / 6lb 0.5oz)
* Flossy17 – Hannah. (Reeve Harrison Irvine-Jones / 7lbs 2oz / 28th July @ 05:45)
* Roo1983 – Rhona. (Alfie Angus McConnell / 7lbs 7oz)

Hospital Bag Check List:

For Labour:
*Birth Plan
*Dressing gown and Slippers
*Old nightdress or T-Shirt
*Massage oils or lotions
*Snacks and drinks (or glucose tablets)??- plus straws
*Relaxation materials (books / magazines / music)
*TENS machine

For after the birth:
*Going home outfit
*Nursing bras
*Breast pads
*Maternity pads
*Nightdress / Pajamas (vest tops as its hot on the ward)
*Toiletries, brush/comb, and Towels
*Old / disposable knickers
*Ear plugs
*Arnica tablets

For your baby:
*Infant car seat
*Going home outfit (all-in-one stretchy outfits are the best) including coat/fleece
*Outfit(s) including bodysuits, vests, socks, booties, scratch mittens, hat
*Baby blanket
*Changing stuff including nappies, nappy sacks, barrier cream, cotton wool or wipes
*Feeding stuff including formula, muslin squares, bibs, infacol  

For the birth partner:
*Water spray to cool mum-to-be whilst in labour
*Comfy shoes
*Change of clothes and toiletries
*Watch with 2nd hand timer
*Swim wear (if planning to join mum-to-be in the pool)
*Snacks and drink
*Change for phone / parking

*Phone chargers
*Lip balm
*Chewing gum
*Fragranced sanitary towel bags
*Carrier bags for dirty clothes

* Sending our Love and Thoughts to Marie and Jo, and their angel babies
.(¯`v´¯)             Always in our hearts,
`*.¸.*´               even when you didnt
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)     reach our arms
(¸.•´                                xxx



  • marparukmarparuk Posts: 265
    Wow MrsKW you are brave.

    I was wondering whether to start it or not but have been paying visits to the EPU so was going to hold off - but here we go!

    I'm due on the 4th or 6th July i think - fingers crossed!

    Slow heart beat at the moment so need to be rescanned in 2 weeks and hopefully it'll have increased

  • Hi girls, I've just been to the docs this morning and they worked my due date out to be 22nd July, so I'm very early days but am being optimistic, figure it would be silly to fear the worst for no good reason.

    Marparuk, what is an EPU? Sorry, excuse my ignorance. Fingers crossed your little bundle is OK. x
  • Sorry, forgot to do this bit:

    honeybee1981 - Mel - 22nd - Yes - Also will be too impatient not to find out!
  • marparukmarparuk Posts: 265
    Sorry - EPU is the Early Pregnancy Unit at the Maternity Hospital. I self-referred after some early bleeding and they're keeping a close eye on me now so that's reassuring

    Also forgot to do this bit:

    marparuk - Marie - 4th-6th - Yes - won't ask!
  • Oh well here goes, that's me in for July!!! I guess I have to think positively and hope this little one is going to stick.

    Chick-Bass/Lou/5th July/2nd (first ended in mc image )/will more than likely find out as I am far too impatient!!
  • Flossy17Flossy17 Posts: 289
    Hi ladies,

    Hope you're all doing well. I'm very early days (somewhere between 5-7 weeks)

    Flossy17 - Hannah - sometime between 11th -24th July - yes - prob will find out sex

    Here's to healthy pregnancies for us all

  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262
    Ah, this is scary but like you say chick-bass, gotta be +ve.

    NowMrsR - Liz - 2nd July - 2nd (my 1st also ended in miscarriage) - not going to find out (looks like i'm the odd one out!

    Hope we all have happy and healthy pregnancies x x

    Oh, and after dating scan we figured out that I conceived on my hubby's 30th birthday - told him its a late pressie as never bought him anything!!!
  • What a fantastic birthday present!!! My hubby has just said that all he wants for Christmas is this baby......no pressure or anything there then!!
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Hey ladies, thank you all for joining me after my moment of bravery...must say, as soon as i hit post the bravery left me! LoL

    I have edited the first post with all our details so far, and hopefully we will keep adding to it image

    I've put us in Due Date order, and as and when we have more accurate dates, again, i will amend

    Hope everyone is feeling well?

    Are any of you ladies struggling with eating?

    Im really quite hungry at this very moment, but can not bare the thought of eating anything (is making me queezy)

    Ive been trying to make myself eat small bits and pieces (even if its just been crisps!) but am a little worried that im not getting enough calories

    Kate x
  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262
    I'm feeling fine - just wish I felt worse then I knew things were OK. Had some cramps today though been feeling a bit off. I'm going to be the size of a house the way I'm going at the moment although eating a lot smaller meals - just eating very often! I seem to feel a bit off and then all of a sudden my stomach is rumbling and I'm starving!
  • After a couple of weeks of not feeling like eating due to being anxious, I am now eating like a big fat greedy pig!!! I feel constantly hungry!

    Feeling a bit crampy/tender around the abdomen area. Hope this is normal image
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Hi Gemma, i wondered where you were at! lol

    I started off feeling better if i ate, but work is quite hectic at the mo (they've just moved me to a more 'suitable' department - which is in great need of a Katie style tidy up and sorting out!!!) which means i am getting a little side tracked and am getting quite hungry, and then food becomes a great turn off - and i stay feeling like that for the rest of the night (although, TUC's have become my best friend LoL)

    - I envy you all for just being able to eat, I love scoffing my face normally! lol

    I had to tell work as soon as i found out i was pregnant for H&S reasons (hence to department change) so lots of people know already for us!

    I was originally gonna wait to tell family, but as my dad is dating someone i work with, i kind of had to tell him, which meant we also had to tell the mother and the inlaws (and brother in law!) and then ended up telling the family we see regularly, just in case someone from work put something on FB and ruined the surprise! So only got friends to go now! LoL

    How many/who have the rest of you told? xxx
  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262
    I have literally told my 2 best friends and a few people at work who I am close to (but they had already guessed anyway). I think work is the hardest place to keep secret.

    My parents are going away this week and won't be back until around our scan date so should be easy enough to keep it quiet until then!
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Yer we have started thinking of names, however can not really find any that we can agree on - I like unusal names and he likes the normal, more traditional names!

    Ive made quite a list for girls names, but am really struggling with boys names.

    Since my brother passed away many many moons ago, I just always planned on calling my lil boy Mike after him, however, since we actually stated TTC and falling pregnant Ive had a complete change of heart, because I want our bubba to have its own identity and not feel like its having to fill anyone elses shoes...and i also dont want it to feel like we tried to replace my brother ... if that makes sense?

    Still, theres plenty of time left to try and convince hubby into a name I like...might start mentioning them during conversation so he gets so used to them that he starts liking them image

  • Sorry to threadbutt, but I wondered if some of you July girls might be able to answer a question for me?

    How many weeks were you when you got your BFP? And did anyone get a BFN before getting there BFP?

    I ask because I am now a week late, have had some signs that could point to being pregnant I've done 4 tests and every one has come up BFN...this weekend I would be 4-5 weeks I think.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Flossy17Flossy17 Posts: 289
    Hi Blenkiboo,

    I got my BFP using cheapy tests, then did a clear blue digital last week which said 2-3 weeks since conception so 4-5 weeks in doctors terms. Maybe you should try one of those as if you think you're 4-5 weeks then it should come up 2-3. Asda have a twin pack for £9.50 I think.

    Good luck x
  • Thanks Flossy, I'll try a clear blue in the morning. Fingers crossed x
  • Hi! I'm a July girl too!!

    I just found out on Sunday and am soooo excited!!!

    I havent had a doctors appointment yet as I have to wait for my doctor to get back from his holiday! (stupid!! I would see anyone but they wont let me!!) So have to wait till 5th dec!!

    I have used the nhs site to work out when i'm due, and im 5weeks gone!

    my main symptoms is really sore boobs, which is awful as i'm already GG's!!! and the tiredness! I get the odd bit of sicky feeling, but not too bad at the momment.

    Names we are liking





    JustTheWayYouAre - Jo - 26th - Ist - Can't wait to find out!!
  • marparukmarparuk Posts: 265
    Hi blenkiboo

    i got a BFN but a BFP after i'd had the implantation bleeds. I don't think the HCG hormone is released until after implantation so i tested too early - i'm impatient!!

    hope everyone is doing ok

  • Hi ladies

    How is everyone doing this weekend?

    I'm still a little nauseous throughout the day and ravenously hungry!! Still got the sore boobs too so seeing that as a good sign! Still a little crampy from time to time, especially when I have been on my feet for a while but I'm not too worried about that yet.

    This time next week I will have hopefully had my scan and will be sharing good news xxx
  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262

    Hope you are all doing OK.

    I'm not too bad - just REALLY tired and struggling to eat too much. Went out for a meal with some friends last night and was full after the starter - ended up bringing the main course home. Have waves of sickness now and again but nothing too bad. And my boobs are AGONY. They are so sore its untrue. Once we've had our scan I'm going to be straight into town and buying some maternity bra's!!

    Only 1 week 6 days until our first proper scan at the hospital. I can't wait to know things are OK so we can tell our family's xxx
  • Flossy17Flossy17 Posts: 289
    Hi all,

    Chick bass/ NowMrsR - Just wondering how many weeks will you be when you're having your scans? Also are they private scans?

    As for me, still not got many symptoms, very tired, emotional and very slighty nauseous but nothing major and quickly passes. Wishing my life away at the moment - like you all I just want to be at 12 weeks and for everything to be OK.

  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262
    I had a private scan a couple of weeks ago and found out I was 7weeks 3 days.

    When I got to the hospital for my '12 week scan' I will only actually be 10 weeks and 5 days. Midwife says its not a problem though. Was early as had no period after miscarriage so couldn't figure out how far gone I was - midwife had over estimated me at booking appointment as 8 1/2 weeks but was only 6 1/2 weeks
  • Hi Flossy I will be about 9 weeks on Saturday when I have my scan. I have booked a private scan with BabyBond and it's costing £99. A lot of money but after my previous mc, I really need the reassurance as didn't make it to the 12 week mark last time image
  • Flossy17Flossy17 Posts: 289
    Thanks for your replies ladies. You are both further on than me (think I'm only 6 weeks, although possibly just under 8 weeks).

    Sorry to hear about your previous mc, I'm sure all will be fine this time around for you both.

  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Hi and welcome Jo, and hope you will be joining us blenkiboo.

    I was got faint positives with the cheapie tests from about a day before i was due on and a positive on a Tesco own brand test with a 2-3weeks on a clearblue digital a day/two days after I was due - keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Hey ladies, for those of you that havent signed up to cow and gate yet...when you do, put in code: BLNGP0510C and they will send you a free pregnancy diary and stuffed cow image xxx
  • Hi girls....just to let you know I had some cramping and brown spotting yesterday so I am having a scan at the EPU this morning.

    I'm terrified, please keep your fingers crossed for me xxx
  • Oh chick bass i pray that all is ok. Fingers crossed

  • Flossy17Flossy17 Posts: 289
    Fingers crossed for you Chick Bass. I hope all is ok x
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