could I be pregnant

This is going to sound so silly but I am 4 days late and am always regular as clockwork. I did a test yesterday which was negative.

I have had the PMT symptoms and my breasts are really sore but even after doing the test still no period.

Could the test have been a false negative because it was only 4 days after my period was due? I have been a bit stressed lately although stress has never affected my cycle before, I also tried taking the pill for 5 days during the start of my last period but it made me feel so ill I came off it so perhaps that has affected my cycle.

At the moment I am so bloated with sore breasts but a 4 day late period. What shall I do? Are there any other symptoms I might be getting if I am this early on in pregnancy? Thanx


  • katiespencekatiespence Posts: 415

    I've replied to you on your other thread. You seem really worried about this, which is understandable... but I think it's unlikely you need to.

    Pregnancy tests are supposed to be accurate from the first day of a missed period.

    Since this is causing you so much concern, why not call your GP and ask for an urgent appointment. They will understand your anxiety. They will likely do another pregnancy test for you at the surgery and put your mind at rest.

  • mrevansandmemrevansandme Posts: 282
    hi you could be with all 3 of my pregs I have had false negatives try in 3 days time it could be that inplantation didnt happen until a while after conception which can happen. Having said that thought your cycle could be all over the place because of the pill thing
  • mitchell2006mitchell2006 Posts: 493
    i know that the test can tell you that you are not preg when you could be but a test will never be positive if your not. So it could be that you need to wait a little longer as it is early. and the test may not be able to detect the hormone
  • EMMIE101ukEMMIE101uk Posts: 220
    Anyluck with a test?

    Em x
  • Nikki102ukNikki102uk Posts: 318
    hi, it sounds like you trying the pill could have messed your cycle up due to the hormones involved. other signs of pregnancy include, breast soreness/swollen, feeling tired, faint and sickness,you may feel more emotional than normal as well. i know some of these can be attributed to daily stresses of life, and the breast soreness could be due to the hormones form the contraceptive pill. it might be worth taking another pregnancy test in a few days as there is not necessarily any set time as to when conception occurs, and this may be altered anyway due to the hormones from the pill. does that make any sense?! love nikki xx
  • SianWoolawaySianWoolaway Posts: 223

    Wait until a week late then do another test. if it's still negative you should prob go and see your GP. I was 3 weeks late before any of my tests showed up as positive, I did about 7 negative ones during that time! I had no symptoms other than normal PMT ones but jusy knew something wasn't right.

    Hope the outcome is what you want. Try not to worry, as that can make it worse.

    Siani x
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