cot death and dummies

Hi Ladies

im not a huge fan of dummies as my mum had a little boy 5 years ago and she has found it an absolute nightmare trying to get rid of them so i was going to avoid it if pssible!!

BUT the british cot death society has realised a statement saying research has proven that your baby is 50% less likely to die from cot death and in some cases 90% (which is a hell of a lot) less likely if tey have a dummie in the first 12 weeks needless to say i've now change my mind about them

just thought you may find tha interesting

kay xxx


  • wow that's just made me feel way better about letting my daughter have a dummie.

    I was never too keen either but when the option is dummie or very sore nipple it's easy to change your mind!

    Now she's 9mths it's about time the dummie found the binnie!
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    Hey Kayliegh and other mummies,

    I'm about to speak as both a qualified nurse-researcher and hopefully a future mummy so bare with me on this one.

    The research evidence that using a dummy does help prevent cot death is quite convincing, though nobody has been able to pin point exactly why this is! (by the way, don't worry if your baby doesn't keep the dummy in all night- the research shows that they often only stay in for 30mins or so after going to sleep). However the good effects here must be weighted up against the already well established down side of dummy use. This includes reduced breastfeeding (I definitely plan on doing this for my own baby as it's the best nutrition and brain growth supplement you can give- it MUST be established before a dummy is introduced though as the sucking techniques are very different for each so babies can get confused), increased risk of ear and mouth infections, risk of swallowing or choking on dummy and also problems with the growth of baby teeth.

    Bearing all this in mind, doctors and nurses no longer advise AGAINST dummy use but also wouldn't advise parents that they SHOULD use them. Basically it's important to weigh up the good and bad stuff and decide for yourself.

    Hope I haven't confused you too much there! I don't envy you having to make all these choices- even as a neonatal nurse I'm going to struggle making all these choices for my own wee one! Speaking as a future mummy, norta nurse, I think I will probably use dummies as soothers at night and will try not to be to obsessed with what the research says!

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    Hi, I am a Community Nursery Nurse working with a team of Health Visitors.

    Dummies can be a god send and I do recommend them to my new Mums, especially the ones who have a fractious, sucky baby. Sucking is a form of pain relief for babies so it really does help. They can then be got rid of like you say and babies will find a finger/ thumb/ fist to suck anyway!

    The research suggests that babies who were USUALLY given a dummy to go to sleep and then went down WITHOUT it were more at risk.

    You can get loads more info and read the original research at

    Hope this helps, any questions about your little ones please do ask!

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    I heart Dummies

    they have been a godsend for me and my brood!

    there is awful snobbery about them from some people - esp those who dont have kids yet who think they wont use them I know this because I was the same LOL - until I had kids!

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    same here jinxy, I didn't like them until I was expecting, but I really like the tommee tippee ones that actually look quite smart.

    other thing i think there is "awful snobbery" about is breastfeeding!!! i was the same, always said i'd breastfeed no matter what but some people just can't do it, and some babies just won't do it. my baby was 110% more settled in a routine the minute i put him on a bottle (and my nipples were relieved too lol - and I got some SLEEP!!!)

    lu x
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