Morning sickness - there is an upside!!

Hiya ladies,

I know some of you have been suffering really bad morning sickness lately. I was reading the paper today and thought of you! Apparently those women who suffer bad morning sickness are 30% less likely to ever suffer from breast cancer, something to do with the hormone which make you feel ill?

Hope it makes you feel a bit better, if only a little!! image

Corinna x


  • -kia--kia- Posts: 745
    Yeah I read that today too.. didn't make me feel any better though :P

    Wonder where they get these things from though...
  • msicemaidenmsicemaiden Posts: 357
    i've also heard that morning sickness is the sign of a healthy baby....not sure if its true or whether its a tale to make you feel better x
  • daniellepiledaniellepile Posts: 150
    Yeah it is true that sickness is the sign of a healthy baby I was moaning to my midwife like you do about how sick I feel and she didn't mention the cancer one but said I know it won't make you feel better but sickness is a sign of a very healthy baby....

    still feel rough thou :\( roll on this afternoon when hopefully I will feel a bit better for a few hours....
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