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bizarre dreams

Hi All,

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and got a 2nd scan tomorrow. I had one 3 weeks ago and it seemed fine, baby moved and had heartbeat. But I've been having the most bizarre dreams for about 4 weeks now, about how at the scan they won't be able to find him, or he'll be dead or something. It's really distressing! Last night he had 3 eyes image

Anyone else having these or is it just me being a paranoid mummy!?

Siani x


  • -kia--kia- Posts: 745
    Argh! Forum ate my post!

    I think its perfectly normal to get paranoid before a scan.. I know I have..and I'm sure I will before my 20 week scan too!!

    Good luck for tomorrow...I'm sure you'll be fine image
  • jomarch50jomarch50 Posts: 630
    Yep - I've had some bizarre dreams... I don't normally recall dreams but one was really erotic and last week I dreamt I'd given birth to... three snakes! How bizarre... should teach me not to watch Animal Planet before going to bed! image

    My next scan is on Thursday - they do them at 22 weeks here in Thailand. I'm equally dreading and looking forward to it - thankfully I haven't had any major nightmares about problems with the baby and I know its dancing about OK because I can feel it now.


  • su53280su53280 Posts: 3
    Erotic and snakes? Yikes!
  • SianWoolawaySianWoolaway Posts: 223
    LOL! The snakes thing made me laugh! well I had my scan this morning and it was brilliant, saw him kicking his little legs about and sucking his thumb! the pics she gave me were amazing, you can really see the detail in his little face in one of them, clearly got 2 eyes (not 3!) a nose and a mouth and a little cute chin image As you can tell, probably a little over excited and been showing everyone the piccies at work.

    Spoke to the ultrasound nurse about the dreams and she laughed and said when she was pregnant she dreamed that she gave birth to a crochet baby and then a half-baby-half lobster!!

    She said it's hormones!

    Siani xx
  • -kia--kia- Posts: 745
    Thats great Siani image
  • jomarch50jomarch50 Posts: 630
    Hi Sianilaa

    Glad the scan was good - its wonderful seeing them jump around. I'm looking forward to mine tomorrow and H2B is just so excited about the 3D part, he can't wait to email the pics and possibly video clips to everyone!

    No more funny dreams to report - my dream dictionary says the number 3 is significant as it represents family, snakes are not so bad either (was still very weird though!).

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