Team TTC (Part 2)

Last Updated 19/1/12

Team TTC

mol1977 (Heather)







do0obie_x(Sara) - CD2 Awaiting OV

MrsMac-F(Laura) - CD4 - Awaiting OV

Amberlinnie - CD5 - Awaiting OV

Snowflake0611 - CD6 - Awaiting OV

Ele09 - CD7 - Awaiting OV

charlottehague - CD8 - Awaiting OV

MrsLewistobe - CD10 - Awaiting OV

NM2012 - CD12 - Awaiting OV

katyh1982 - CD13 - Awaiting OV

FlowerOct10 - CD15 - Awaiting OV

Lullabelle83 (Emma) - CD16 - Awaiting OV

mubee - CD16 - Awaiting OV

Chezza2005 - CD17 - Awaiting OV

Dudders1 - CD17 - Awaiting OV

RedRose79 - CD24 - Awaiting OV

NowMrsJones2011 - CD30 - Awaiting OV

Hayleymarie6 - CD34 - Awaiting OV

purpletulip - CD52 - Awaiting OV

Brooke371 - CD54 - Awaiting OV

LouLou984 - CD54 - Awaiting OV

Twinkles32 - CD58 - Awaiting OV

NikNik5 - CD73 - Awaiting OV

Kitt27 - CD85 - Awaiting OV

Picklepick (Laura) - CD17 - 3DPO

AnneAnne1 (Anne)- CD21 - 5DPO

lf4ct - CD33 - 19DPO

MrsStarla - CD39 - 18DPO

blenkiboo - CD42 - 18DPO

MrsBnow - CD42 - ?DPO

m3ech - CD67 - 52DPO

PrincessEmmaG -CD73 - 54DPO


MrsKW2011 - *******BFP!!!!!********

Fairy_DMT - *******BFP!!!!!********

Flossy - *******BFP!!!!!********


Roo1983 - *******BFP!!!!!********

2010MrsR - *******BFP!!!!!********

kerriganchan -******BFP!!!!!*******

mb2be - *******BFP!!!!!!********

bungle1986 ******BFP!!!!!!!!*****

NYC_Bride2B - ******BFP!!!!!******

MrsC81 - ******BFP!!!!******

mrsloulabelle *****BFP!!!!******

Sarahbabeous - *****BFP!!!!*****

Jennabug11 - *****BFP!!!!******

Arubababy82 - *****BFP!!!******

marriedatlast2010 - ******BFP!!!******

Go Team!

Welcome to our brand new for 2012 Team TTC thread!

The old thread can be found here:

Good luck and baby dust to all

Useful Abbreviations:

TTC - Trying to Conceive

BD - Baby dance (sex)

DTD - Do the deed (sex)

CD - Cycle Day (First day of your period is day 1)

AF - Aunty Flo (Your period, also know as the Witch!)

OV - Ovulation

OPK - Ovulation Predictor Kit

DPO - Days Past Ovulation

BFP - Big Fat Positive (A positive pregnancy test result)

BFN - Big Fat Negative

SS - Symptom Spotting

CM - Cervical Mucus

EWCM - Egg-White Cervical Mucus (Most fertile type)

POAS - Pee on a Stick (Pregnancy test)

IC - Internet Cheapie

CBFM - ClearBlue Fertility Monitor

FF - Fertility Friend (An online fertility monitor)


  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    Hello all, Welcome to our lovely new thread!

    I hope 2012 is a lucky year for us all

    If you want me to add your real name to the list please let me know.

    Can you all double check that I have your dates correct too!

    Baby dust

  • do0obie_xdo0obie_x Posts: 833
    Mines perfect thank you Laura. You are very dedicated. I wish there was a way we could share the task so we could help you!xxx
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Mines right thank you Laura. I'm also a Laura too!

    I think I may have OV'd a day or 2 ago, as for once I had definate EWCM, and we DTD twice, so fingers crossed!
  • Mines correct also!

    Congrats to the bfps...and chezza!

    Thank you for clarifying the one born at Christmas...can't wait for it to start tmoro it's in Leeds now isn't it (closer to home for me!)

    Obviously its my first month ttc but you do wonder why it might not happen when you've done it at the right time, you'd think it wouldn't be so complicated!

  • do0obie_xdo0obie_x Posts: 833
    I've informed hubby that I will probably I ovulate at some point this week (starting from today) so I'm hoping he will agree to BD every day rather than every other day but he trains as an MMA fighter so he always says he "needs the testosterone" on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (the days he trains) so he is usually dead against it on those days. But I think he was more disappointed than I was last month, and he was definitely gutted when he heard about his brothers gf being pg so I'm hoping he will agree. image

    Baby dust to all.

    Sara x
  • do0obie_xdo0obie_x Posts: 833
    Lol Charlotte before my Dad knew we were TTC he told me him and my little brother had watched a program about it once and they couldn't believe what their "little men" had to go through. He actually said "it's a wonder anyone gets pregnant" I was gutted lol!xxx
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    Sara, I don't think it's advisable to BD every day, unless you know for sure that you're ovulating and then I'd do a max 3 days in a row then go back to every other day. The quality of the sperm won't be great if it only has a day to replenish itself. From what I've read anyway!
  • do0obie_xdo0obie_x Posts: 833
    Ooo thanks Laura I didn't think of that!! Ok well tonight and Thursday thenimage xxx
  • Hi All

    Well Im not sure how many people saw my other thread but last night i got my BFP!!!!

    I dont know why I took a test before my period was due but I just had a feeling so did.

    I want to tell you a bit about my story, as ive been a member of you and your baby since April.

    We got married end of April and since then have been TTC. We used ovulation sticks only.

    However in Dec my OH lost his dad, so DTD wasnt exactly on his agenda-we only did it once during my 'high fetility' time, I didnt even observe when I was ovulating. Anyway that one time was obviously the one!

    I guuess what Im saying is relax, have fun, and like my husband says it will happen when the time is right-he was right!!

    Im sooo excited but soo nervous also!!

    Baby dust to all xxxx
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    Hi sarah, I did see your other thread but I forgot to update you on the list. Huge congratulations to you and your hubby! All the best for the rest of your pregnancy xxx
  • Thanks Laura, I am now 2DPO as got the smiley face on OPK on Sunday. Fingers crossed for us all and congrats on the BFP'S!

  • Yey congrats!

    It is true though, I know a couple of people who were trying with no success and as soon as they said sod it lets just relax they got pregnant!

    It is a nerve wracking time but were all built to be mummy's, I never thought id be able to look after anybody else but I have and it's the best thing ever!x
  • MrsCNWMrsCNW Posts: 8
    Hello all, please can I also join this thread? Been lurking for a while! Husband and I have been TTC for 3 months, got our BFP on Xmas day but then miscarried on new years eve ( not v far on at all!) so now just getting ready to start again. This thread is fab! Looking forward to 2012 and hope we all get what we want v soon! Xxx
  • Well done Laura for doing such a good job with the TTC threads and I just wanted to wish everyone baby dust for 2012!!! Xx

    Just saw mrscnw's post and wanted to say sorry for your mc image
  • do0obie_xdo0obie_x Posts: 833
    Congratulations Sarah! Loving how well team TTC r doing image xxx
  • MrsLewisMrsLewis Posts: 144
    My dates are right. Why does the 2ww take so long?!

  • Hey Ladies,

    Happy new year.

    Congrats on the recent BFPs image

    Sorry for your MC MrsCnw

    Pickle my details are correct - I am oving sometime this week -noticed some ewm yest and today so been bding image

    Decided not to use the opks this month and just see what happens! xxx
  • ps: great new thread! image
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039

    Please can you correct my details. I am expecting my period tomorrow as my BBT dropped this morning to very low, but still not AF. I ovulated 13 days ago.

    I am really disappointed as this is now going month 5 on Clomid and still not happening, even though I am ovulating regularly on Clomid.

    I had a MC in August, so I know it can hapen, but not sure why it is not.
  • NM2012NM2012 Posts: 152
    Sorry for your loss MrsCnw x

    My details are CD26-8DPO according to fertility friend.
  • RedRose79RedRose79 Posts: 1,938
    Hi Ladies, loving the new thread.

    Congratulations Sarah!! And Mubee, I'm so sorry for your loss - fingers crossed it's a short stay in here for you.

    I'm currently on CD9 so keeping fingers crossed for this month as it's month 3 of TTC.

    Good luck ladies and baby dust to all xx
  • blenkibooblenkiboo Posts: 761
    Ok I am biting the bullet and asking to join in too please?! I've been a lurker for a while.

    Been TTC since August. Thought I was due a BFP in Nov, but after 7 BFN's AF showed up on CD47!

    I haven't been seriously trying, just going with the flow, however since 5 friends (1 my best friend) have announced pregnancies over the past month, I've decided to try a bit harder and have bought ov sticks now and see how that goes.

    I'm currently 5dpo, but having been with family during ov days not expecting anything this month!!

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    Welcome blenkiboo, was CD are you today? Then I'll add you on! xx
  • mubeemubee Posts: 1,039
    picklepick, I'm on CD1 today, as AF started today, and I guess that means awwaiting ovulation.
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    Mubee, I've changed you over. Sorry AF got you xx
  • blenkibooblenkiboo Posts: 761
    Hi Again! I am on CD 27 thanks!x
  • lf4ctlf4ct Posts: 352
    pickle you are fab with keeping on top of the list!!! image massive thanks!

    Well is my first proper 2ww, how the hell have you being doing this for the last few months! its driving me nuts already!!!! xx
  • MrsMac-FMrsMac-F Posts: 959
    Hi all.

    I'm onto my 2ww now, which is killing me already image

    My husband went into hospital today for a mole removing from his scrotum that they are worried could be cancerous. It has changed so much over the past 2 months. So he will be out of action for a week or so image Fingers crossed now that everything is ok.

    He also has to give a sperm sample in 2 weeks time to be tested too, so fingers crossed everything is ok.
  • chezza2005chezza2005 Posts: 1,053
    Thanks for the new thread Laura and yes, my info is correct - me, you and Sara are all at the same stage, hehe!

    My next worry, now my AF has returned, will be to see if I am going to be regular!!!! Keeping everything crossed and you never know, I may not get my next AF, hehe.

    MrsMac, wishing your hubby all the best for his op. Lets hope it's good news an not a cancerous mole.

  • Hey all, Its been a while since I've been on here.....but I'd like to join in....although I am just relying on fate.....when it happens it happens!

    I did everything to the T the last time and the result wasn't great, so I'm going to TTC without the ovulation dates/calender, basal temp stuff, just gonna wait and see!

    I know my body well also as I can feel when I ovulate...yep, strange! lol If I'm right, my ovulation was new years day...but hubby and I B'D a couple of days before that.....after that we were both drunk and VERY knackered after hosting a new years shindig and ended up with killer hangovers to do anything on new years and should now be in my 2WW now, nothing more I can do this month! I'm relying on March to be my month....fingers crossed!

    But like sarahbabeous' OH says...I'm just going to relax, have fun and wait for when the time is right!

    You can add me to the list Pickle, great thread! image

    Congrats to all the BFP graduates!

    x Badydust all round x
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