Congratulations on your BFP and welcome to the graduates club!

Screen Name / Name / EDD / Finding out? / Think its...? / Nick name for baby (or Name)/

July ladies:

*RRr2011 / Liz / 30th June / No

*MrsKW2011 / Katie / 4th / Yes / Paulie / Its a Boy

*Flossy17 / Hannah / 20th / Probably

*Fairy_DMT / Amy "D" / 29th / Yes

*Roo1983 / Rhona / 30th / Dont think so / Bob / Boy

*hayleyr2751 / Hayley / 29th / Yes / Its a Girl - Esme Izabella

August ladies:

*MrsHedley2b / Sarah / 5th / No we want the surprise

*Kerriganchan / Kerry / 13th / Probably wont / Jabba

*Lilleauk / Lily / 19th

September ladies:

*Sarahbabeous / Sarah / 8th / Dont think we will / ? / Boy

*MrsC81 / Anna / 9th / Prob wont - want a surprise

*MrsO_84 / Toni / 13th / Hubby wants to, I dont

*Arubababy82 / Natasha / 18th / Yes / Poppy / Girl

*Dawnio1977 / Dawn / 19th / We wont find out / Kermit

*marriedtlast2010 / Suzanne / 25th

*mol1977 / Heather / 21st / no - probably not.



*JonesyToBe / Tonii / 5th / ? / BabaJonesy

*Picklepink / Laura / 10th / Probably / Peanut

*NM2012 / Niki / 14th / Think we will leave it as a surprise / Think it's a boy

*waited82 / Debra / 15th

*charlottehague / Charlotte / 16th / I want to / Baby

*soontobemrspod / Sam / 28th / I want to

Unknown at this time:




*lf4ct / Louisa


Hello ladies, and welcome to the new Gradulates thread.

I decided to start this one up so that we can easily update our details.

Please feel free to stay here and chat for as long or little as you like as your 'pearls of wisdom' will be greatly recieved by the ladies who have just gotten their BFP's, those with worries, or those that just need a good old fashioned rant! image

Any ladies wishing to add any details, please just say so and i will update them for you


P.S - the link for the old thread if you would like to take a look:



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* For all the angel babies that remain in our hearts, even when they didnt reach our arms *

Baby Gardiner 16/4/12 11.10am

"if i could visit heaven, even for a day

maybe for a moment, the pain would go away.

i'd put my arms around you, and whisper words so true

that living without you is the hardest thing we do"


  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Hi. Can u add my details please

    debra....... 5th september.........2nd child..........i want to find out but hubby doesn't!
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Hi all. How do you put a pregnancy ticker on? ive created one but when ive copied the link into signature box here it says i have too many characters!
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Did you go through The Bump for your ticker?

    If so, it should fit

    What ticker do you want and ill see if i can get you a link which you can copy and paste in?? xxx
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Yay managed to get it to work!
  • Hi,

    Hayley 2nd August 1st child and yes xx
  • Thanks Katie x
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019

    Thanks for creating the new thread Katie.

    To complete my details my EDD is 18th August, it is my first child and no we probably won't find out the sex.

    By the way, thanks Hayley for telling me about your first appointment with the midwife in the previous thread. I have my first appointment at 2pm today image xXx
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    All updated image

    What a good way to spend the day at workimage hehe

    How are you all?

  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Kerry- was just about to reply in other thread but then saw u on here. First appointment the midwife will take all your history and medical conditions etc. She'll take blood pressure and pulse, check urine and weigh you. She'll talk about where u want to give birth and then take bloods. With my first pregnancy this took about 30mins or so. She didn't try to find babys heart beat as a doppler won't pick this up till around 16 weeks or so and didn't feel my stomach until my 16 week appointment.

    Hope this helps

  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Kerri - just reading through your post on the old annoying that it got blurted out like that! I would be peeved as well x

    Hayley - hehe on the spreading germs remark!

    Oh no with regards to the dreams - not good! (hugs) but it is perfectly normal to be worried / anxious.

    I kept having dreams that we were having triplets and it scared the living daylights out of me lol

    Before my scan i also got a little worried as i hadnt felt and cramps or anything for a while...turns out that it was perfectly normal not to feel anything at that stage, and the minute i got home from the scan i could suddenly feel the cramps again! How wonderful our bodies are at playing jokes on us eh!

    With the first appointment - make sure you ask for your bounty pack as i wasnt given mine and forgot to ask at my scan because i was so worried before hand...and then so relieved after now i have to try and remember to ask the midwife at the 16 week appointment!

  • So that you can finish off my details - 10th august, 1st baby, no we want a surprise!

    Also, what's a bounty pack? xx
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Thanks for the advice ladies, still a bit nervous but looking forward to the appointment image

    I'm glad I'm not totally insane Katie. I think I was more disapointed that they couldn't keep their mouths shut for a few weeks and I don't think they even realise why we are mad?!

    I was also going to ask, what is a bounty pack? xXx
  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262
    You get 5 bounty packs throughout your pregnancy. THey are information booklets and vouchers / little samples of things that may be useful like mini sudacrem.

    I got my first at my scan at the hospital - first was booklet that talks through how the baby develops and how you will feel week by week throughout your pregnancy. There is then a coupon inside to get your second pack (i got mine from sainsburys) and in this there was a booklet that reviews things like prams and essentials you will need. You get different samples but get things like a pampers nappy and wipes, mini sudacrem, some shampoo, a dettol sample.

    You get packs 3, 4 and 5 in hospital when having baby (i think its something like 3 is things for baby, 4 is for mum and 5 is family - not 100% on those tho)
  • Sarah. Edd 12th sept (i think!) 1st child and dont think we will find out sex!

    Im very early on still, have sore boobs and like period cramps but not! I did 5 tests and all positivr, I keep thinkin af will come but it shouldnt! Is it me or are other ppl worried about this? X
  • EllieKate83EllieKate83 Posts: 1,431
    Just wanted to reassure you Sarah that I had the AF cramps for weeks! I kept thinking it meant something was wrong but a lot of other people had them too and all the NHS would say is we're not remotely interested unless you get any bleeding.

    I think it's all the stretching as your uterus expands.

    I was so sure the cramps were AF that I didn't test until I was over a week late! x
  • MrsC81MrsC81 Posts: 201
    Hi Katie thanks for setting up this thread - it's great! Could you up date my details please? My EDD is 6th sept, it's our first baby and we probably wont find out the sex - want a surprise. Thank you x
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Afternoon girlies! Just back from my first midwife appointment, it really is a small world as when I told her my Mum had two sets of twins she immediately knew who I was lmao! I mean we do live in a smaller/quieter area so most people some how know one another but it did make me laugh. I was in for about an hour and she took my blood pressure, weight, height, family history etc and gave me a tonne of information to read which is great. I was told to make an appointment for a flu jab and as luck would have it the nurse was available 10mins later so I left with a really heavy bag of info and a dead arm. A successful afternoon if I do say so myself image x
  • Quoted:
    Just wanted to reassure you Sarah that I had the AF cramps for weeks! I kept thinking it meant something was wrong but a lot of other people had them too and all the NHS would say is we're not remotely interested unless you get any bleeding.

    I think it's all the stretching as your uterus expands.

    I was so sure the cramps were AF that I didn't test until I was over a week late! x

    Thanks for that elliekate! I am sooo nervous as feel like AF is coming (but it feels different also!), but Im glad thats normal! Phew! I have taken a picture of the positive tests on my phone and have to keep pinching myself that its for real!
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Sarah, I am currently getting AF type pains too and when I mentioned this to my midwife yesterday she said that it was perfectly normal especially around the time when you would usually be caught by AF. I'm not sure if that ties in for you for as I am around 8 weeks, it ties in pretty well for my cycles. xx
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Hey ladies image

    How is everyone?

    Did any of you watch One Born Every Minute last night?

    Anna, ive updated your info for you image

    All, ive changed the layout of the first post with all the info - ive now put us into Month categories, with ladies listed by their EDD.

    Hope you all like?


    AF pains are very normal so please dont worry

  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Heya Katie,

    Yeah I watched One Born Every Minute - I love that programme! In fact I watched it whilst shoveling a big bowl of Cheerio's down my gob haha. I decided I was hungry and they were just calling to me! :P Although it is kinda scary to think that will hopefully be us soon enough!! I kept saying to hubby 'Look at what you have cursed me with having to go through!' image And what a jerk that little ned was, needed a good skelp in my opinion especially when you had that other poor Dad who was in the army and only got to spend the one day with his LO.

  • I watched it too! I see it as educational and I dont feel scared by it (not yet anyway!!). I think I liked the relaxed approach.

    Well update from me-AF was due today and it didnt show-yay!! I did a test just in case and the line was darker than ever!!

    Rang GP to make an appointment and got given midwife number direct and they want to see me on 19th Jan when I will be six weeks. I was shocked as was expecting it to be alot later on, and more weeks of waiting!!

    Im still in complete shock and soooo excited I want to shout it from the rooftops!!

    Got a meeting with my personal trainer at the gym tonight- i usually go to the gym 4 times per week and do netball training/matches 2 times a week but because of xmas I havent been and dont want to over do anything during the early stages!!

    Oh and netball is out of the question-unfortunatlely I have sprained my wrist and maybe out for a few weeks image
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Kerri - OMG I wanted to slap him for his behaviour.

    I think they should get him to go see the army dad and see how much of a privilege he has seeing as he gets to spend time with his LO!

    He didn't even give the poor midwife a chance to tell him what happened before he flew off the handles!! GRRR - he made me really angry


    Bless ya, knew AF woulddnt show for yaimage

    Everywhere seems to be different with regards to when and who you will see. So you might just be lucky with going to see the midwife early.

    I made an appointment with the doc to confirm my pregnancy and he just sent me to the hosp for a scan (as he got confused by my dates lol), and I still haven't actully seen the midwife yet! Don't even know her name or contact number!

  • MrsO84MrsO84 Posts: 75
    Hi Ladies,

    Can I join? I got my BFP confirmed yesterday morning (After several ICs done on the 2nd & 3rd of Jan)!! It's still very early days and still sinking in image

    I'm going to the Drs tomorrow as they had an appointment available and because i've been having really bad cramps, i figured why wait. I've read this is normal but i just want to be safe.

    My details are:

    Toni - 13th September (According to the Date of my LMP) - 1st child - Still Undecided (I want a surprise, Hubby wants to find out) xxx
  • Congratulations Toni,

    The cramps do happen at the early stages and an often feel like AF cramps but i think always best to get checked helps put your mind at ease.

    ood luck and all the best for a health and happy 9 months xx

    Kerry - How are you feeling this week?

    MrsKW - Will you meet your midwife at the 16 week appointment?

  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Morning girlies,

    Congrats and welcome to Toni & sarahbabeous! Wish you both a healthy and happy pregnancy!

    I couldn't agree with you more Katie! Needless to say hubby just rolls his eyes when I watch that programme as towards the end I am so happy for everyone I sometimes even get a bit weepy haha. image

    Hi Hayley, I'm kinda mixed just now. I was feeling pretty good the last couple of days, no morning sickness just the occasional cramp but this morning I feel pretty awful. I woke up and, although I haven't actually been sick, I am going through the motions every so often. I have managed to eat some breakfast so I atleast have something in my stomach but not sure if that was a good idea. I told my boss the other day and as a father of 4 himself he totally understands and has said if I need a wee break or anything just to let him know so I guess that is pretty reassuring. Also I am getting major pains in my hips that shoot down my legs when I stand, I am hoping this is just my Fibromyalgia playing silly bugger though! image How are you feeling?

    How is everyone else getting on? xXx
  • Hi Kerry,

    That sounds well painful not what you need on top of feeling ill!

    well today i was sick so much that i have managed to tear a muscle in my stomach and ended up with blood shot eyes! so i look and feel awful today! and at work its cookde breakfast today and all i can smell is bacon and scrambled egg! making me feel even worse!.

    Have any of you started to have weird dreams yet?

  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Oh my gosh Hayley, I'm really sorry to hear you are having a rubbish day! I hope you feel better soon! Luckily, I am covering reception today as our receptionist is off ill (there is only around 8 of us all together in the office so we usually pull together to cover if someone is off) so the guys up the stairs can eat their pies and sausage rolls in peace without me having to hide until the smell has gone!

    Now that you mention it, yeah I had one really weird dream the other night. I don't even remember it all, it might make more sense if I did. Hubby has huge feet (UK size 13 atleast!) and in my dream I bought him shoes for his birthday (which I have) but these shoes were made of two great big bits of ginger! I don't remember why or where I got them but they were just these nobbley bits of ginger with hole cut out to get his feet in and some laces! :P

    Has anyone had (as my wee sister keeps calling it) baby brain? I am constantly forgetting stuff, nothing important just wee things but it is post-it note galore for me just now! :P The mid wife says this can happen and all I could say was I was being picked on 'cause it has already hit me! image Ah, the joys image xXx
  • oh yes my sister calls it baby-brain! i have lists of lists!

    i wrote a shopping list and then had to write a note to remind me where i had put my list! i would be lost without my diary!.

    you been eating ginger biscuits? maybe that might have triggered the ginger shoe dream!.

    i am moving hosue tomorrow and getting a bit anxious about although not really sure why!

    only another 5 hours until home time! yay xx
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    I'm not really eating anything sweet, although I know my grandad always said to eat ginger snaps when feeling sick. Just the smell makes me feel queasy just now image I can't remember the last time I used ginger in my cooking either, it was just so weird haha. Have you had any weird dreams?

    I'm so glad I am not the only one with baby brain! I got a lovely diary for Christmas and so I am making good use of it, I have written everything and anything possible in it, including a reminder that I am meeting my Mam for lunch today and not to go home! image

    Oh wow, good luck with the move although I'm sure your well organised and everything will go smoothly image We are staying put in our hoosie just now but we do plan to move out of town even if just a couple miles. Hubby and I were both raised in the country and although where we are just now is convenient especially for his work car school, we eventually want to live back in the country. xXx
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