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OMG!! Have just found out am preganant!!

Just got confrimation from doc that im 4 weeks pregnant!! We're so happy but shocked cos not even trying and being careful! anyone got any tips or anything as its both our first and i have no idea qwhat to expect?




  • kmlglynnkmlglynn Posts: 51
    Congratulations on your wonderful news!!!

  • steph22uksteph22uk Posts: 245
    Congratulations, Im trying at the moment and will find out on Friday if I am!

    Get yourself over to

    Steph x
  • Thats fantasti news! Congratulations!

    The website that I couldn't do without when I was pregnant and even now when my little one is 14months old is

    Its fantastic, it sends you an email once a week telling you how big youe baby is, how it is developing, what is happening to your body too etc. Its fantastic to know each week what your baby has grown that week! Then when the baby is born it does the same, telling you how your newborn is growing, developing etc. I stil get them now and he is over a year old.

    Worth a visit, Hope all goes well, :\)


  • SianWoolawaySianWoolaway Posts: 223

    I would def recommend (I'm pregnant with my first as well). Scary!

    Siani xx
  • congratulations to you both.hope all goes well x
  • daniellepiledaniellepile Posts: 150
    aw wow congrats!!!! it's so exciting when you find out I know my Hubby couldn't stop jumping up and down and crying! image

    I would just say enjoy every minute! :\)

  • -kia--kia- Posts: 745

    and yes..head over to babyexpert!

    babycentres emails are cool..with teh baby development but their forums do my head in...they are far too aren't allowed to post new threads in some forums and allsorts... and i don't hav ethe patience to read really long threads!!!
  • sammycuksammycuk Posts: 1,633

    congratulations hun, wishing you all the best sam xxx
  • colligreencolligreen Posts: 493
    Congratulations!!! What a lovely surprise, is your hubby/hubby2b happy as well? I'm a step-mum, but I can't wait to be a mummy as well because although it's hard work, it's also very rewarding bringing up a child.

    Good luck, and there's some great mums on the forum if you need any advice. I'd second using Baby Expert as well, you'll find loads of us over there already!!

    Corinna x
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