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Hi Everyone

My little girl is 10 weeks on wednesday and is suffering very badly with reflux.

She is dairy intolerant and on nutramigen Lipil and we are giving her gaviscon for the reflux but the gaviscon seems to have stopped working after a week. She is back to throwing up and screeching in pain for hours (esp in the evening) and arching her back. Its very distressing to watch, as I can tell she is experiencing discomfort. The doctor prescribed Ranitidine and she has been on it a couple of days and is a bit hit a miss, she still screams after a feed and is vomitting clear fluid! I just feel so upset and want my happy baby back, its been a bad few weeks and very long.

Has anyone got any advice? I keep her upright after feeds but it doesnt seem to help. Has anyone got any experience with Ranitidine as to whether it works and how long it takes to kick in?


  • Long message but hope it helps: My Little boy now 18 months from the age of 7 weeks suffered terribly with reflux to the point he refused his bottles as the pain was so bad. Gaviscon didnt help at all. If bottle fed, we found the Aptimel & SMA was the worse for his reflux, tried Reflux milk by SMA and this made him very constipated, we then used Cow & Gate with Thick and Easy (thickens their milk, makes it heavier so harder for them to bring it back up) . Ranitadine we didnt think made alot of difference so i took him off of it, but realised when i took him off how much more distressed he was and put him straight back on it. We used to keep him upright for 30mins after each feed, never layed him flat he was always propped up and during the night we slept him on his side (and propped) I would say to keep going to the Drs and ask to see a specalist (that was what we did) I started weaning him at 15 weeks (I was told this was too early but new that he couldnt carry on like that) and it made such a difference he was never sick with food. Once on his 3 meals a day and moving around it all went away, and he is never sick at all image
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    Also look into baby massage which can be good with reflux
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    My LO is 10 weeks and was prescribed infant gaviscon at 4 weeks for his reflux, it seemed to help as he stopped being sick as much so I've continued with it but it is causing constipation. The night before last I stopped putting the Gaviscon in his bottles and he started taking a full 6oz every 4 hours (except 8 hours through the night without) instead of the 3 - 5 oz he was taking 3 - 4 hourly with the Gaviscon in the bottles. I thought this was great yesterday and the feeding pattern has been great again today, however, he brought up a little bit of sick twice earlier on and not sure if this is due to the bottles not having Gaviscon. He did cry for more after a 6oz bottle so I fed him another 2oz so this could be him getting rid of what he didn't need. He is drinking the milk faster too so don't think he realised he was full image just wondered if anyone else has had any experience with taking baby off Gaviscon?
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    Hey hon, thanks for ur email, I'll reply now...

    Just wanted to say (can't remember if I mentioned it before...) My friend swore by cranio sacral therapy to help my god daughter's reflux. I'll try and find you a link... x
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    There's another one I read which I'm trying to find too...

    ETA This wasn't the site I read before but it seems quite interesting:
  • hi my little girl well i say little she is six now, she still has reflux ( she is disabled and doesnt feed so is still on milk) it can take a bit of time for the body to build up with the ranitidine. However if it doesnt help go back to the doctor as there are a lot of medications my daughter has ranitidine and domperidone. It can take a bit of time to find the right amount and medication as each child reacts differently. The vomit may still come but the pain will stop and hopefully it is something she will grow out of although that wont help you know. It does make you feel helpless when thay are in pain. I would say get back tot he doctors now and tell them it isnt helping it might be they need to add another medication or try an alternative
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