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Dropping the 2nd nap...

Hi everyone,

Just looking for a little advice as to when your little ones dropped their 2nd nap. I know that the experts say anywhere between 12 and 18 months.

My DD has done really well with 2 naps of usually an hour or so each time up until the last week where everything has gone topsy turvy and I have no idea where we are at!

She was lasting about 4 hours between naps so schedule looked a bit like this:

Awake 6

Nap 10

Awake 11

Nap 3

Awake 4 at latest

Bed 7

The problem is she is now fighting naps and I think that she can last longer between sleeps but because of this we don't have time to fit 2 naps in. 2 days last week she didn't nap AT ALL and on a couple of occasions she only had 35mins or so because she wasn't tired enough. Mind you, this didn't seem to affect her night time sleep as she went to bed without fuss and slept 12 hours.

So today we decided to try her with one nap and see how that went.

She woke about 6:30 so we gave her an early lunch and took her for a nap about 12. She had 1hr 20mins which is the longest she has napped this week.

I'm really lost and would love some help!

Oh,she turned 1 on Thursday.


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    What is your daily routine? Are you at home with her all the time or does she go to nursery or childminder? Does she seem to need one nap more?

    My cousins LO goes to nursery and has early lunch then nap at 12.30, my SIL used to put hers down at 1 - 2.30, other people I know did morning naps but then LO was up for the afternoon, what is of most benefit to you and your daughter?
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399

    our lo is the same! she is 13 months tomorrow and her naps have been all over the place for the last month. We have got into a routine of putting her down at noon after lunch for her only nap but some days shes knackered and will have a morning and afternoon nap again. The problem we are having now is that if she only has 1 nap she doesn't sleep for long enough! she will wake after 45mins still tired and crying but about 9 times out of 10 she will not go back to sleep. She will then get really grumpy around 3.30 so we have to let her have a half hour power nap. Ive run out of ideas of how to get her to sleep longer than 45mins as shes still obviously tired when she wakes up so we are just going with it and take each day at a time really as given up trying to get in a routine! !
  • I'm back at work now so she is at nursery 2 days a week and with her grandma 3 days a week.

    She gets cranky at bed time if she hasn't had enough naps but nursery say she is lovely and happy all the time no matter what her sleeps have been like!

    Waited82 - your LO sounds exactly like mine. When she woke up today she was crying and obviously still tired but if she has been asleep - no matter how long, whether it's 5mins or 2 hours - once she wakes up that's it. she won't go back to sleep!

    Have you tried waking to sleep? I've never tried it myself as her length of naps vary but apparently you go into her room about 5mins before she usually wakes up and just stir her gently - not enough to wake her fully - and it's supposed to get them to get past that usual wake up time x
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Does nursery have a specific nap time? If so try and work with this maybe and get her grandmother to do the same?
  • She isn't napping at nursery anymore now either although she used to. I think that her schedule has changed now - just need to work out what to!
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    I've heard of that but not tried it but may try it tomorrow! i suppose i have nothing to lose! lol the only way i can sometimes get her to have another half hour or so is by cuddling her on the sofa but sometimes it doesn't work. Hubby is away this week though so lo is going to family members for 2 days whilst im at work so its gonna be hard to keep a routine this week
  • It's just so frustrating as we didn't have any sort of routine until about 7 months. She wouldn't nap, bedtimes were a mess etc. etc. Then we hit jackpot and she has been an absolute angel up until the last week. Fingers crossed we will both get sorted soon! x
  • Well today she woke at 6:30 and fell asleep after playgroup at 11:15 and had two hours!!!! So, I think that we're going to work on trying to extend the gap between waking and morning nap by about 15mins every few days until she can comfortably go to about 12-12:30 and hopefully have a good few hours nap at that point x
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