Abroad with a 7 month old

Hi, We're planning a family holiday to Turkey in June and I was looking for some advice on preparing for taking LO abroad. I am a bit unsure what he will be eating at this age and wonder what everyone else took / plans to take for them. I know he will still be on milk but I assume it might be dificult to make bottles up in the hotel so my initial thought was to take cartons but that would be pretty impossible for a week's worth! Also, what about sterilising bottles? And also very importantly tips on keeping baby safe in the sun as I am paranoid! x


  • hey

    we went away to florida when my lo was nearly 10 months....but we stayed with my in-laws so had access to microwave for sterilising. I took a couple of tubs of milk powder with me to make bottles with, and bought baby food from supermarket out there.

    it would probably be best to take a cold water steriliser then you won't need a microwave, and you can use bottled water (evian is the best i think) and your usual milk powder. in terms of food he probably wont be having loads at that age (would imaging porridge/cereal and maybe one other meal), so take a pack of baby porridge and a few jars/the heinz meals that are powder. you can buy fruit/yoghurts out there (if you have a fridge).

    i made sure we slapped factor 50 on him all the time and left him in a t-shirt (plus t-shirt in the pool too). tried to put a hat on him but he wouldn't keep it on!

    we went away last septemeber when he was 16 months too and bought a sun shade to cover the whole of the front of the pram with, so then we didnt have to worry about the sun getting him while he was sat in the pram.

    the good thing about him being 7 months is he will probably not be crawling so you dont have to worry about him wandering off and he will stay in the shade.

    hope you have a fab time and dont stress too much about everything...i know its easy too but its not as daunting as it sounds!!!x
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    Thanks Charlotte, it does all sound very daunting at the moment but I'm sure once we've done it once it will be easier in future. I've heard about sterilising bags you can buy from boots with tabs in them which sound quite handy but it really is the food I was worrying about more but if we don't start weaning until 6 months anyway then you're right he probably won't be eating much and its just a week so could easily put in a box of baby porridge and some ellas kitchen sachets. The hotel we're looking at is all inclusive too so not so good for microwaves etc x
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    We took our son abroad when he was Just 8 months old. He was eating most things we eat by then, apart from meat as it was too tough. All,inclusive was great as we got to try him with lots of different foods - this is when his obsession with corn on the cob started! (he also crawled on his knees for the first time on holiday too!)

    One huge huge huge tip I'd give you is regarding the baby milk... We were flying from Manchester so we called the boots store there and pre ordered loads of the aptimal ready made cartons. They let you take them on the plane as hand luggage as its through security. We sterilised the bottles in boiled bottled water with the Milton sterilising tablets.

    We took a few tins/jars/sachets with us but didn't use them all.

    Take loads of nappies, they're expensive and we ended up giving ours out to a lot of people as some babies got poorly tummys and their parents only took a pack. Oh and book extra luggage for your baby, even if it's just for his toys!

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    My mum took my little girl to spain when she was 11 months old and found if you go out of the tourist area then the price of nappies came down. In the tourist area they were 35 euros a box but just 2-3 streets away they were 10 euros a box so big difference.

    Dawn x
  • Hi there I took my little girl to Tenerife when she was 4 months and to Dominican republic at 8 months when we went to dominican republic we took a travel kettle and used bottled and milk powder and we also took milk cartons! As for food she was eating most things but took sachets called Ella's kitchen and they where fab so easy to give them and light weight!

    She is now 18 months and potty trained and we are going to the Maldives in 3 weeks so she will be eating everything there and no need for nappies!!

    Good luck and enjoy your hols xxx
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