Did you attend ante natal classes

I am about to be a grandma. During my daughter's pregnancy she told me she was attending classes and I never thought anymore about it.We are not that close due to her terrible selection in partner !!...but that's another issue.

Today we were chatting about the birth and I suggested she followed what she learnt at ante natal classes and she went quiet. Turns out she never went to any in the end. She doesn't know about the breathing techniques or the fact there will come a point when she wants to push and can't. In fact I found her ignorance quite alarming...should I be worried ??


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    I attended some very recently but they didn't really cover breathing techniques the miwife said there that the midwives on the wards now talk people through them at the time as they often go out of people's heads.

    The most I learned was about all the different options in regards to pain relief and what is used when, some of the websites like SMA, Cow and Gate, Huggies, Bounty etc all have a lot of useful information on this if you have time to get her to read it. When is she due?
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    I havent quite reached that stage yet, but have been asking friends and family if they attended ante-natal classes, and if they found them useful.

    From what I have heard from those that did attend they didnt find them useful at all !(?)

    And those that didnt attend any classes don't seem to regret their choice...So because of this, i am personally leaning towards not attending any - however havent really made up my mind yet.

    I wouldnt be worried that she hasnt attended any, as she may have gotten all the information she feels she needs from others and various websites, but then from what you've said about the pushing stuff, i wouldnt be too sure!

    Like Cebpickle said, the midwifes will talk her through everything so she shouldnt have any real problems!?

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    I wouldn't worry too much.

    I spoke to my midwife yesterday and she said lots of people choose not to attend any because 'ignorance is bliss'.

    I'm hoping to do some sort of breathing/yoga/hypno/movement based course as that's my thing - but I have no interest in the NHS ones as I've already read up on things like pain relief, stages of labour etc.

    I'm sure your daughter will get through things Ok though.
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    I attended them when I was expecting my daughter and found them to be a bit rubbish. They don't really prepare you for labour. Ok, they talk about your pain relief options but they didn't tell me that epidurals don't work on some people...me included.

    So don't worry....she will be fine!!!

    Dawn x
  • Thanks ladies.

    EllieKate - yes my daughter said what she doesn't know won't bother her ! I suppose I am different and like to have all info available.

    But at any rate she went into labour 2 hours ago so its too late to worry now !!
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    Good luck with the new grandbaby!! X
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