TTC worries

Just wanted to see if anyone is having the same problems i came of the pill in september 2010 and have still not been able to conceive . keep worrying that theres something wrong with me . it upsets me that people that dont want kids are gettin pregnant yet theres me that cant get pregnant and is longing to be a mum is it just me be stupid? any advice would be appreciated


  • I think after 6 montsh of ttc without success your GP usually sees you/runs tests etc. Have you spoken to your GP about this?
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    Are your cycles normal? ie, are you having regular periods etc?

    If you haven't conceived after 12 months, and for you this is the case, your GP will start the ball rolling with checking you and your partner for fertility problems. Best go and see them for advice hon.

  • went to gp at end of last year and they said they cant do test till weve been trying for at least 2 years image periods only become reg about june last year and after i came of my pill i didnt have a period for 6 months
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    Since having regular periods has your body given you signs that you are ovulating such as appearance of cervical mucus each month? It might be worth getting to know your body and your peak times and even use ovulation sticks each month so that when you go back to GP you are as aware of your body as you can be.

    Usually a GP will see you after a year, I don't know why yours said 2 years, once you have had a year with periods then go back, see a different GP if necessary
  • thank-U for all your help ladies
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