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I'm 31 weeks and midwife says my blood pressure is creeping up so I have to go back next week to have it checked. We have a monitor at home as I've had to check my bp before and it was really high. She told me of symptoms to look out for but I'm getting really stressed about it. I know other ladies have had this and was just hoping to hear what happened with them and their experience if only to calm me down a bit.


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    Mine started to creep up at about the same time. What happened with me was that I would get the odd severe headache when it was up and I was prescibed codeine to ease these. I was advised to stop work earlier than planned and to rest, I gave up work at 35 weeks. Then as it went on I was monitored at the GP surgery twice a week where they checked my urine and BP, then that changed to the community midwives coming out to do that twice a week for me at home (as going to the surgery wasn't resting!) The pregnancy unit at the hospital deemed that my BP was up but still on the high side of normal and my urine was always clear so I didn't have any further intervention. So although I worried, I turned out to be fine. From my experience all I can say is stay as calm as possible and rest! image
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    Hope you don't mind me asking but how high was your blood pressure. Did you get any swelling in fingers or ankles?
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    I think the highest it got to was about 170 or 180 ish over about 80 or 90 from what I can remember. It's not super high but I usually have super low blood pressure pre pregnancy ie about 105/60. Generally it got up to around 145/75 with just a couple of spikes and I did get the swelling and the headaches when it spiked. Both my Mum and sister had pre-eclampsia so I was high risk and my bp went up for me, but never got to a point where they were too worried about me. Hth x
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    I have high blood pressure. Its always been on the higher side but at my 24 wk check it had shot up. (I'm now neally 27 wks). I had to be put on medication and so far has lowered and seems more stable, though its still on the higher side. I have to have urine & bp checked every week, at the minute its with the community midwife, but if it goes over a certain number I'll have to go straight upto the hospital.

    I'm also having a scan on wed before seeing the consultant as she wants to check the growth of the baby because of this & that I'm high risk for pre eclampsia. I have Bern told its likely I'll have the baby early but they like to get to 37 weeks if they can.

    What was your bp reading?

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    at the midwife it was 140/75 but before it was 120/60 and was consistent throughout early pregnancy. But over the past few weeks ive noticed headaches and a woozy feeling, like a little spaced out, but im going back next week and shall see what she says. sometimes they put these things in our minds and then panic sets in. A bit like the 2 ww where you symptom spot!!! Work isnt helping but i finish in two weeks. My family think im over reacting but its a little hard not to when its you thats going through out. Anyway thanks for the help and advice ladies. Very much appreciated x
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    Yeah its a little high. Anything over 140/90 is when they may put you on meds. At my 24wk app, my bp was 164/96! And then 166/92. Usually pre preg I'm about 130/80! It's likely for me my disease will have to increased in another month or so.

    Try not to worry. I don't have any other symptoms. Ad long ad they are keeping a close eye on you, you will be fine image

  • Don't stress as that will make it worse. My bp was 121/73 at booking and the highest it got to was about 160/102. They couldn't put me on tablets as during the night it went back to normal. I was classed as high risk for PET and kept in hospital week before xmas at 37 weeks. They decided to let me home for christmas. I was induced at 39 weeks as I then had too many syptoms of PET and consultant said enough was enough. My bp started at 24 weeks. I was on weekly checks, then 3 times a week and then went to daily bp checks. From 36 weeks I was at hospital every other day having a trace of babys heart.

    My little boy is now 2weeks and 4days and is perfect. My bp has gone back to normal too!
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    To be honest I've had two days off work as I work part time and I feel so much better now. Yesterday I had a good rest and today I've no headaches, no swelling and I feel really refreshed. I knew work was getting to much.
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    Goldengirl, did you have a natural birth or did you have a c section? I was planning a natural birth if I can but mum says I should have a c section as being in labour will raise it. The midwife says I'll have a monitor on constantly do if goes too high will end up c section, but they like to try natural first.

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    roo10 you should talk to your doctors,unless it is unsafe for you (ie your blood pressure is suddenly uncontrollable) they will normally try for a normal birth. But they often recommend an early epidural, as an epidural will lower your blood pressure.
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    i was diagnosed with high bp at 34+4 weeks and have just got home with my baby today after having her at 38+4 weeks, I went into labour naturally the only thing is my baby was only 5lb6oz as the medication I was on slowed her growth.

    I was in hospital 2-3 times a week for monitoring and the tablets pretty much wiped me out otherwise.

    I said was open to epidural due to high BP and c-section if necesssary but labour too quick for either of those.

    The biggest thing is to rest and not worry I was admitted over new year with 180 /105 but now had baby it is pretty much back to normal
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    Yeah I've got a scan on wed to check the growth of the baby, then an app to see the consultant so will ask her.

    Cebpickle, huge Congrats on your little girl image . What medication did they put you on? How many times a day did you have to take the tablets?

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    Hi I was on labetalol 200mg 4 times a day and 500mg methyldopa 3 times a day which a lo of medical people said was a lot post baby I am on 2 labetalol a day for the nexr week and have to see GP end of week
  • Hi roo

    I was induced but had vaginal delivery. They wanted to section me as baby was not coping well. There was only one dr on shift asvit was the middle of the night and she already had a lady in theatre waiting for section. By the time she came back (40mins later) my little boy was here.

    My bp the morning they induced me was 125/105 but as soon as I got onto labour ward to be I duces it went right down and stayed down throughout!

    Good luck hun x
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    Gosh yeah that does sound alot of medication. I'm on methyldopa aswell, but 250mg twice a day. They said they'll have to up it soon.

    Ah that's good you had a straight forward birth & naturally. I guess I'll play by ear when the time comes. Its creeping up so fast. Hope I can hold out at work for 9 more weeks!

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