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Downs Syndrome.


A friend of mine had her 12 week scan a week or so ago and then got a phone call saying her baby has a 1 in 59 chance of having Downs, when we got our results it was 1 in 16000 so obviously hers is a lot higher, now I have worked with special needs children for the past 11 years, infact thats where I met my friend, so its not about the disability, I was just wondering if anyone had got high results? and I know there is a higher risk if the lady is older but im 29 and my friend is 35 so its not like she is old.

Any advice or info? x


  • KLC27KLC27 Posts: 580
    Thank you! she doesnt have a partner so im just at a bit of a loss of what to say to her!!
  • Is she going to have the diagnostic test to find out for certain? Although this test carries a risk of miscarriage, it is worth doing as just because she's high risk doesn't mean her baby definitely will be downs. My cousin got a high risk at the screening test so decided to have the diagnostic test which confirmed the baby was not downs, and she went on to have a gorgeous and healthy little girl.
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    I feel for your friend. Me and hubbys discussed what we'd do if our result had come back high, I knew I couldn't terminate so that wasn't an option, we also decided that if it were high I wouldn't have further tests due to the risk of miscarriage associated with them (even tho it is low).

    We were lucky that our results came back low, although we weren't given a figure like you have, it just said low.

    Your friend is in a different situation to me, and with her being single it could be alot harder for her having a child with downs. But then again you state she has experience with children with disabilities.

    I think all you can do if let her know her options, and make sure she knows that you'll support her no matter what she decides.

    Don't forget just because its high risk doesn't mean it definitely has downs. She could go with further testing.
  • i think that before you have further tests you should make the decision about whether you would terminate. If the answer to this is no you wouldnt then its extremely risky doing a test when the result wont change your decision. Al you can do is be there for her and support her once the baby is born. At least you both have some exposure to children with disabilities so hopefully will understand that they are just children and it wont be as scary as it would be for others.

    Speaking as a mum of a severe disabled child there is no magic answer just be there for her even if its sitting in silence. Unfortunately when we all fall pregnany whether we admit it or not we have planned our childs life in our minds, when you get given news like this its almmost like grieving for ther child you thought you were having. There is a lovely poem called "welcome to Holland" which helped me. in it it talks about planning a holiday to one country but you end up in the wrong country. It talks about although your not seeing the sights you had hoped for there is still amazing and wonderful things to see.

    Sorry about your friends news and keeping my fingers crossed that everythings fine and the baby arrives fit and healthy.
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