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Medela mini or normal ???

Iv been looking at the Medela breast pump, obviously the mini is smaller but does it really matter? Surely I can express some and put it into a different container, or doesn't it work like that image lol.

Im pretty much clued up on most things, but dont have a clue when it comes to breast pumps.

Does anyone have either the mini or normal medela, and whats your experience?


  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    I don't know about either but I'd say not to go buying anything until you know you definitely need it.

    My friend was all set up to breast feed and then express for as long as possible but it's just not worked out that way and she had to switch to formula before she even used her pump.
  • HRoper2bHRoper2b Posts: 563
    I would say do your research on breast pumps and choose whay you want before baby arrives but as advised above I would buy it after the birth asssuming that everything works out as planned!

    I had a Tommee Tippee pump and expressed at least once every day between 6 weeks and 7 months. I found it quite stressful to fit the expressing into the morning routine and my advice would be to go for he larger one as having to stop half way through to change containers for me would have made it even more stressful!

    Thats just my opnion though!

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786

    Can I check why you specifically want Medela? I used the Medala breast pump the hospital had for the three days I was in recently as my daughter has a tongue tie and I really want to breast feed her so was determined she would get my milk. It was electric and had the 2-phase function so was one speed initially and then another after a few mins. I didn't find the fitting particularly comfortable

    As we had bought some Avent bottles I sent my other half out to buy an Avent pump SCF312 so I could carry on expressing at home and using it so far (only 24 hours) I am impressed. It is £69.99 from and has in it an electric plug UK, a Europe fitting, a hand operated pump and an additional battery setting. The fitting to the breast was a lot more comfortable and it was literally 5 mins each side.
  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841
    Hi girls,

    Thanks for the replies. I'm not rushing into getting one just yet but won't to get some idea of what to get when/if the time comes to it.

    H, your comment about it being stressful was really helpful. I have no experience breastfeeding so can only look at facts, so its nice to have a comment that brings feeling.

    Cebpickle a few people I know have used the medela swing and really rate it, i also read some great reviews online. But its the only brand that iv seen that do a mini version so I wondered what the differences were. We have tommee tippee bottles so have also been looking at there pump, although the reviews iv read for it don't seem as good.

    I'm a bargain hunter and I'd I can get something half the price (which tommee tippee & mini are to the swing) and they work as well is rather do that, but then again don't want to waste money on something that isnt going to work right and then end up getting the more expensive one. That's what my friend ended up doing

    I have had a look online and from the reviews on the comparison between the mini & swing most people say get the swing as it does a far better job (from people who have used both) so I guess that rules out the mini.
  • I had the avent hand pump(my friend passed hers on to me). I didn't get very much milk out with it. I now have the medela swing and have had much more luck with it.
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