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My lil girl suffers with colic and I'm trying to ease it. She's already on comfort milk and using infacol but it's recently got worse. I preprepare formula ( I know it's not recommended but I'm not letting her wait an hour for a bottle when she's hungry). Anyway colief comes with a whole heap of instructions. i understand it needs to be warm to work and that it needs half an hour to work when warm. However is there any reason why I can't take a pre prepared bottle from the fridge, warm it up (like usual) add the colief and wait half an hour before feeding? I don't understand all this putting it in before refridgerating and then only having 12 hours to use it. Is there something I'm missing?

Ta, Joobs

PS hubby works away from next week so I'm going to be like a single parent (much praise for those of you out there) so need to do something to try and help her.


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    my lo suffered badly with colic too. We tried everything and the only thing that help was comfort milk and dentinox in every bottle. We tried infacol but after a few weeks it stopped working. We tried colief and like u pre prepared bottles, so we got one out half hour before due and added the drops and then gave it to her when the time came. We tried it for a week though and felt it did nothing but gave her chronic diarreah which is a side effect so stopped it. Have u tried dentinox colic drops? id recommend u try them first and then use colief as a last resort
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