Planning a baby shower - when?!

Hi Ladies

My friend and I are planning a semi secret baby shower for our friend that is due towards the end of June. We are not sure when to schedule it in for, we do not want to do it too early but do not want to leave it too late so that our friend can't enjoy it. I read on a baby shower planning website that 4-6 weeks before the due date is the best time so the birth is close but Mummy to be can still enjoy the afternoon.

Ladies who have had their LO's whould you agree with this?

We ideally would like a relaxed sunday thing but the other lady I am organising it with is studying part time and her assignment is due on the 30th April so the 6th May would be the earliest date we could do and I can't do a weekend in June.

We were planning a relaxed afternoon tea, with a few games (pinata, pin the sperm on the egg (plan on pin the tail on the donkey) etc. And hopefully some nice and funny presents for baby / mummy (and maybe daddy if he is lucky!).

It will be at Mummy to Be's house but planning on bringing disposible plates, cutlery, cups with us so it minimises fuss / convenience and anything that will not be disposible I will use my own so I take it home to clean etc.

Do you think that will be ok? We can't really afford to rent somewhere otherwise we would of done that.




  • We had one for my friend about 8 weeks before her due date and it was good cause she was still happy to be moving round, doing games etc. I'm sure your friend will love it!
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    My friends organised a surprise baby shower for me the day after I finished work, four weeks before my due date and six weeks before my little monkey arrived! It was lovely, the only thing I would say is if it is a surprise make sure her hubby knows to encourage her to put nice clothes on etc as my hubby didn't think, told me were going for a walk so I showed up at a restaurant wearing gym trainers and old jeans and whilst I had a great time abs the timing was perfect I already felt quite fat and frumpy and would have had a better time if I had had an inkling and dressed nicer! X
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    I'm having a baby shower beg march & I'm due end of April. My friend at work is organising it, but she was v keen for me not to have it at home, so we're going to my local pub, 30secs walk away lol, but they're cordoning a whole area off for us (for free) & putting a buffet on. They're allowing is to bring any decorations etc, & don't mind us bringing cakes aswell. Will be good fun.

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    I would say do it a good 4-6 weeks before just to be on the safe side of your friend feeling up to it, most enjoyment.

    My cousin had one 6 weeks before she was due, an afternoon just as you described. The food, plates etc is lovely thought for drinks you could look at non-alcoholic cocktails too. The only thing I would add is an end time too, so that people don't come at 2pm and are still there at 11pm when mum 2 be will probably be shattered
  • We've arranged our own little get together for the end of March (I'm due 10th May) I didn't want a party or fuss and didn't feel I could have a traditional baby shower (where guests are expected to "shower" the mum to be with gifts) because we only got married in July and had lots of lovely wedding gifts bought for us! A friend of mine was quite keen to organise something (she organised my hen do)but as said above I didn't want a fuss so we've just invited a few of our closest friends plus their children to our house for a buffet lunch, no presents or games planned just a nice afternoon image
  • My sister is planning mine. She planned my hen weekend and it was amazing!!

    I am having it on 21st April and I am due on 22nd May x

    She has planned it at a lovely Beach Hotel where we will be having Afternoon Tea!!! Sooooo looking forward to it!! x
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    thanks ladies, we are planning for mid May so 4/5 weeks before baby due date now. All of the key people (Grannies, fmaily members etc) are confirmed guests and a few close friends. I am in cahoots with my friends husband to plan everything and he has been a star sorting the guest list.

    He is packer her off on the morning for a hair cut and beauty treatments and when she arrives home we will all be waiting for her image

    Can't wiat, lots to plan before May!
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