Fed up...any PMA going spare?!?

I've got a section planned for this Friday and will meet my little girl at last but just feel SO fed up at this moment in time. I know I need to give myself a slap and sort it out but I just feel so crap.

Our puppy ran out onto the road last week and was killed, we'd had him 7 months and he was part of the family. This was completely horrific to witness especially at this stage in pregnancy (hormones everywhere!) Our three year old completely doesn't undestand and keeps asking 'where's Scrappy gone?' 'When Scrappy comes home he won't die again will he?' etc etc Which is totally stressng me out..not that he witnessed it happen or anything (he was in bed thank god.)but he was his best friend for 7months, had played with him every day, watched him grow etc.

Not to mention that I feel like a crap Mum because Im so tired and not wanting to be pestered I keep snapping at little one.

Im anxious about the surgery now and feel so guilty as I feel like I should be enjoying the last week with my toddler before baby comes rather than being so down and snapp to him- but I just have no energy and want to rest..the dog dying was the final straw really and knocked me for six.

I know I need to pull myself together and look forward to the baby arriving on Friday but I just feel a right mess at the minute. Do you think thats just normal before a section and everyone gets hormonal, anxious, tired, stressed out etc? im really worried Im going to start off the birth of my daughter on such a downer!!! Will the negativity go do you think when Im in there waiting to have her and meet her?

Any PMA going spare or advice would be much appreciated!!! I know Im being a big wuss. image


  • EllieKate83EllieKate83 Posts: 1,431
    Oh that's awful about your puppy! And what bad timing. It's not suprising you're feeling a bit emotional. When my favourite cat was run over (bear in mind she was one of four and I wasn't pregnant at the time) I was inconsolable.

    I think because you're trying to feel better for the new baby you're probably stressing yourself out even more.

    Any sane person would be scared and emotional about having surgery, especially with everything else you have going on, but I'm sure as soon as they hand you the baby it'll all fall into place (and even if you do still feel a bit mixed up I'm sure it won't do the new baby any harm in the long run).

    Try not to put pressure on yourself (easier said than done I know) and give yourself a break. You're only human.

    Best of luck for Friday xxx
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    Hi Sarah

    How horrid to lose your puppy like that, I would find it difficult to deal with normally let alone this late on in pregnancy.

    Do something with your toddler the next couple of days, maybe some craft thing for him to make for the new arrival so that both of you are thinking positively about it - could be a card, painting etc. Just do something where you can sit and take your time with him and no pressure

    Hope it all goes well on Friday and I am sure once you meet the new arrival you will be more positive about things

  • Thank you so much both of you. Lovely kind words and they really have made me feel so much better, just to have someone say that Im being normal is such a relief...I've felt like a bit of a drama queen given that something so important is happening on friday..especially as everyone close to me keeps reminding me of this!!! I think you're right EllieKate it is stesing me out more trying to feel better for the new baby.

    Thats also a great idea about setting some time aside Claire to do something crafty with Alex, he'd love that I know he would. We will try and do some painting tomorrow!

    Fingers crossed I'll feel better tomorrow...and on the plus side I've got some beauty treatments booked as a christmas present for me on Wednesday and Thursday (waxing, massage,hair cut and colour etc) so Im hoping some pampering may help too!!!

    Thanks again..yay..I am normal!!!
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    Oh bless you, what a horrid thing to happen and the timing is awful. We have a dog and since I've fallen pregnant I seem to have thought a lot about if/when anything will happen to him. My nephews are obsessed with him and my 15month old nephew follows him round patting him and sitting playing ball together all the time so our children are only going to be even more attached.

    Although your 3 year old is asking lots about where puppy is they are prob a bit young to be too upset - they are prob just confused (when my uncle died my nephew was 3 - my sister tried to explain about him dying and going to heaven to which my nephew replied "are we going to put him in the green wheelie bin as thats where we put dead plants and stuff!!!!")

    Make sure you enjoy that pampering and I agree, do something fun that your little one will like - even if you are a bit grumpy they will like you spending time doing something fun. My nephew loves playing play dough or painting. Friday will be here before you know it and I'm sure all will go well. Good luck and can't wait to hear about your LO's arrival x x
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    You're not being a wuss at all! I've got a labrador puppy and I'd be devestated if anything happened to him. Not only that but this is a huge week for you you're bound to be excited/nervous/tired etc so no wonder you're feeling a bit down.

    Best of luck for Friday, I hope everything goes well. What an incredibly happy end you'll have to a week that started so badly xxxxxxx
  • Thanks girls image

    I feel a bit better today so that can only be a good thing. RRr2011 you're so right about Alex probably not understanding properly as he's so young and just accepting that the dog is gone now. Im so sorry about your uncle but that really made me laugh about what your nephew said about the wheelie bin- in one sense children are so wise and matter-of-fact...its just as we get older we get so emotionally messed up!!! Life (and death clearly!) is so much simpler to understand when you're just turned 3!!!

    Thanks NewMrsP, I know some people don't get the whole loving a dog thing and would think Im being very silly but when you have one and they are part of the family its really hard when they are gone..especially in such a awful way! I cry at Bambi let alone what I winessed last week!! Obviously I know the birth of my child is way more important but its just all been a bit of an emotional and hectic week!

    Thanks for the luck for Friday everyone..though I have a sneeky suspicion I may not make it until then as Im getting a bit crampy and my mucus plug came out this morning (apologies for the gross detail!) so it wouldn't suprise me if I miss my pampering and end up with a mad dash to the hospital!!! image
  • Ah maybe coming early is baby's way of trying to take mummies mind off the doggy!

    Wishing you lots of luck for Friday....or before image

  • Aww hun so sorry to hear about your puppy, it's perfectly normal to be upset and emotional at anytime but especially when you're pregnant!

    The other ladies have given you great advice so I'll just say good luck for Friday (or before!) xx
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