Random Q for fuller girls

vibsukvibsuk Posts: 2,094
Hi girls,

This is more of query as I'm not pregnant, but am a fuller bride and wanted to see/hear what others have advised in regards to getting pregnant when you're 16+.....

How hard/easy have you found it?



  • colligreencolligreen Posts: 493
    I know doctors always recommend being within your 'advised' weight range when ttc. I would say as long as you're eating healthily and getting a good intake of vitamins, with enough sex (yay!) there's no reason why it shouldn't happen!

    I know when I was 'larger' I suffered really bad symptons of IBS/PCOS (never officially diagnosed) but since losing some weight my problems have got much better, so i guess it doesn't hurt. In any case, it'll be less strain on the body, when you are carrying you+baby weight around.

    Not sure if I made the point, but eat healthy, drink in moderation and don't smoke!! image

    Corinna x

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  • SianWoolawaySianWoolaway Posts: 223
    I'm a size 16 (18 on a "fat" day!) and I had no problems, I got pregnant on the second month trying. Just make sure you're taking your supplements and eating well and getting enough sex! If you are already larger they will advise you not to put on much weight whilst pregnant (I think they suggested a maximum of a stone to me). I am 13 weeks pregnant and the same weight at the moment.

    Good luck!

    Siani x
  • EmmA1981ukEmmA1981uk Posts: 1,065
    i was a size 22 and was trying before for a year then started going to weight watchers and lost 4 stone which made me a size 16/18 and i got pregnant think it was mainly because i was eating really healthy im now a size 18/20 and want to try for another baby after my wedding so im going to go back to weight watchers again then xx
  • MummyCat1983MummyCat1983 Posts: 919
    I was a size 16 when i got pregnant, was a size 20/22 after i gave birth. I put on 4 and a half stone!!! took me over a year to lose most of the baby weight. I am definitly going to be fitter and healthier before i have another one ( touch wood)!
  • vibsukvibsuk Posts: 2,094
    Thanks girls for all the info.... really helpful

  • EMMIE101ukEMMIE101uk Posts: 220
    I am a size 18 and am struggling to concieve, dont know wether it is to do with my weight or something else. I know that loosing some weight might help me.
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