had a bad day

well woke up a had bad morning sickness. h2b is super grumpy and snapping and blaming me for stuff. also had an interview today and the person who did the interveiw was rude and made me fell like c**p. when i told h2b wot happened he just said dont worry about it ( all i wanted was a hugand a shoulder too cry on). and my daughter got tissuse and dryed my tears which is very sweet of her but i feel bad for crying in front of her. sorry i just needed to get it of my chest as h2b has gone out. oh well got my first midwife appontment on thursday hopfully she will tell me that all is good with baby. x


  • -kia--kia- Posts: 745
    aw poor you

  • mitchell2006mitchell2006 Posts: 493
    you seem to be very emotional you should cheer yourself up give daughter a big hug, take nice long bath, watch tv and eat something nice, put your feet up tomorrow will be better
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