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messed up cycle s after misscarrige

Hi guys

has anyone elses cycle been screwed up after a misscarriage? before i was like clockwork and managed to get a bfp but unfortunately lost it at 6/7 weeks. Since then i have no idea what my body is doing!

This cycle we bd everyday around what i thought was my fertile week which ended thursday but then got loads of cm on saturday so did a opk and got a positive and another positive yesterday. This mornings opk was fainter so will check tonight but its just confusing as now presuming my cycle has got even longer than last months so just hoping we bd enough to catch!

Also worrying that if we don't catch this month hubby wants to stop ttc for a few months as doesn't want a christmas baby again. Our first was born 22 dec and im 26 dec plus niece and nephew on 7dec. Before mc i agreed to this but now because of mc i just want another baby more than ever and don't care if its a christmas one again but i have to respect him and what he wants.

Guess its coz i just know that unless i can change his mindset then this ttc is going to be going on forever unless a miracle happens this month.

Has anyone elses cycle changed after mc and how long did it take to go back to normal?


  • Yes, this happened to me too, my cycles were spot on to the day and time, I knew exactly when AF would come. I got my bfp straight away but also miscarried at 7 weeks.

    My cycles after were 30days, 28days, 29days, 30days and then I got my positive. I know there not completely irregular but its hard when you ttc after a miscarriage yet before you knew when ovulation was and when af would arrive. I used ovulation tests after the miscarriage but for the first few months they constantly came back negative (I was testing the majority of month), which was really depressing. I decided to forget about the test after a few months as I was getting really down.

    I got to the point where I was feeling complete despair and decided I was going to give up for a while at the end of the month to give myself a break mentally. We only BD 3 times that month (because I was drained with it all) and that was the month I got my bfp again. In all it took me 5month ttc after the miscarriage.

    I know how you feel about just wanting another baby more than ever, that's how I felt its so frustrating, I needed to be pregnant again but at the same time it was driving me crazy trying and failing every month. It was heartbreaking. It might be good to give yourselves a month or 2 and then have a fresh start, plus your cycles may become more regular by then especially if your not stressing about them.
  • mol1977mol1977 Posts: 307
    Hi there, firstly let me start off by saying how sorry I am to hear of your loss. I've had 2 miscarriages now, so I can understand to some extent how you must be feeling. After my first miscarriage in July, I waited till about day 37 for AF, (i was usually around the 33 day mark) The second cycle I was then back to normal 33-34 days. We then fell pregnant in December, miscarried early Dec. We went on holiday for hubby's birthday over New year, had fun!! No thinking about trying to conceive, I then got to about day 47, still no sign of AF, so I took a test and it came up positive 3weeks plus. So we got caught straight away! I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant and keeping fingers crossed.

    I suppose everyones cycles are different and it depends on the individual. My doc also said to take ovulation tests with a pinch of salt also?? It must be pretty difficult for you especially if hubby wants to put TTC on hold, hope it all goes well for you. Sorry If I've gone on to much, sending you lots of love and postive thoughts.

    Heather xx
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Thanks for ure replies. i guess im just having a down day about it all and i guess just a bit fed up with it. Im now in 2ww i suppose so will just have to wait and see what it brings and go from there but not holding out hope and then will see if hubby still wants to put ttc on hold for a few months. In some way it would be nice as like u said i can relax and forget about it for a bit and cycle may calm down but then i so want that bfp and the thought of having a wait even longer for another little bubba is horrible!

    Just gonna spend the next 2weeks concentrating on my little girl and trying not to symptom spot but i know i will and drive myself mad!.
  • Hi

    Yes i had the same last year, I feel pregnant quite quickly and so didnt really know what my cycles were after stopping the pill then had mc end of jan '10 and after that had long cycles 35, 31, 33 then conceived in June on a cycle of 26! got a peak on cbfm out of the blue on day 12 which was very very early for me. I think the body just takes time to adjust, think some people can take a year to get a ''regular'' cycle going and some ppl just have varying cycles each month.

    its so hard not to symptom spot but as you say at least you have ur little girl to focus on and keep u busy

  • Missdee7Missdee7 Posts: 104

    Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I was the same my cycle was all mover the place, mostly being 40 days average, so this made it very difficult to know what my body was doing! I was trying to monitor it and try to work out when i was OV ect, but was stressing me out and getting to much, so we just decided to go down the route of having loads of sex LOL, and it worked, im due in April. Hope all goes well for you image xxx
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Thanks for the replies. Im now in 2ww and just hoping we did enough to catch this month as we bd nearly every day or atleast every other day for 2 weeks! will wait and see what the nect few weeks hold before me and hubby need to sit down and decide what we want to do!

    I thought that as i fell pregnant quickly before then i would this time but it couldn't be anymore different!

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