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Baby items in reality would you buy again?

Hi all

I thought it would be useful if we set up a thread with those baby items we have bought and how we have found them in reality. So for prams/ car seats/ monitors etc how have you found them

For me

Car seat

Maxi-cosi cabriofix plus familyfix isofix base, I love this car seat, it is easy to strap Caitlin in, she is comfortable and the seat is lightweight enough to carry in and out of places easily. To click into the base is so simple, love the beep and lights system and know it is fitted properly.

Pram/ pushchair

Maxi-cosi Elea, really lightweight to use and easy to use with both the car seat and the pram, the turning circle is great, it is lightweight and the cosy snug in the pram for newborns is lovely. I went to the park with it the other day and it easily kept up with my cousins all tourain 3 wheeler


Phillips Avent Dect 525

This is so clear, the parent part is small and lightweight and has controls for light, lullaby, talk to baby etc. We have used the lullaby part a lot more than we thought we would and it is great we can turn it on and off from where we are.


  • MrsQM2MrsQM2 Posts: 3,723
    Great thread cebpickle!!

    Would you buy one if those new type baby baths, which virtually have baby in the bathing position or just stick with one old which you have been given? It is worth the extra expense?

    Room thermometers..... Worth paying for or rely on the cardboard ones given out as freebies at antenatal classes?
  • Mummy-LouMummy-Lou Posts: 191
    Baby bath-we had a normal one and only used it for the first few weeks and it went in the bin.

    Room thermometers-we had a grow bag egg and although it was good, when we have baby number 2 we will just use the cardboard one as does exactly the same job.

    Car seats with the base are a godsend! We loved our M&P one that we used with our travel system.
  • ditzidancerditzidancer Posts: 1,145
    Ooo Brill thread, thanks for starting! And soooooo happy to read good stuff about elea image xxx
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    Room thermometer - worth paying for I think. Not sure about what kind of bath you are describing.

    Car seat - Maxi Cosi, came as part of travel system

    Pram - Mothercare My3, pleased so far, just about to convert it to pushchair mode. Was disappointed that it couldn't double as a carry cot as it's not an overnight sleeper, but in hindsight, as LO is big, it has meant he's been able to be in it in pram mode for a lot longer than some of our friends' LOs.

    Monitor - got given it 2nd hand so couldn't even tell you what make it is! But it does the job.

    Somethings I would NOT buy again

    - a manual breast pump, spend the money and get an electric one.

    - A baby sling, LO just won't settle in it.

    - Lots of nappies before LO arrives, you don't know what size he'll be, what brand will suit. -- - - Also, for combination feeding, we tried lots of bottle styles, but he's preferred Tommee Tippee, closer to nature.

    - Oh and baby nail clippers just don't seem to work!

    - Changing top for chest of drawers, we always use the floor.
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We were given a groegg which is good and in our room the parent part of monitor also tells you temperature where monitor is

    Do you mean bath that has built in seat? my cousin loaned us one but Caitlin not keen on seat bit as she likes floating out
  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308
    Great idea

    Baby bath - LO prefers to get in with us now she's bigger and can splash ????????? but we borrowed a proper baby one from sil and it was great for when she was very young.

    Room thermometer - we have a gro egg and it's great, defo worth the money!

    Baby monitor - don't have one, and haven't missed it!

    Expensive swings/ chairs - my sil spent alot of money on a baby swing which her LO hated and would not go in, we learnt from that and decided to buy a bouncy chair from asda for £20! If it was no good then not a waste, as it turns out, she's really taken to it! We ended up getting a swing from eBay for £20 - but she's not so keen on that! Don't feel so bad as didn't cost alot!

    Bumbo - was advised that they were a waste of money but managed to get one for £10 off a friend! It's great and would recommend it image

    Door bouncer - another eBay bargain ????????? absolutely brilliant, LO loves it!

    Changing table - never use it, as Mia said earlier in thread, we tend to use the floor!

    Lastly, baby nail clippers/scissors - crap! I used to bite LO's when she was really young but now I use our nail scissors (I've become the queen of chopping nails quickly, as soon as she realises what I'm doing she won't let me have her hand! Need to have sharp scissors to get in quick ?????????)!

    Think that's it for now x x
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    Car seat - a Graco one which came with a travel system. We also bought the autobase for it which was definitely worth the money, just being able to click the seat into it & know its safe. We've also been able to use this with our son.

    Pushchair - the pushchair we got for our daughter was a Graco Metrosport travel system. It was probably the cheapest travel system we could find & it was great! I walked a lot of miles with that pushchair & it never let me down.

    When I got pregnant with my son, my daughter was only 9 months old so we needed to get a double. After much research we found a great deal on a Phil & Teds Sport & its fantastic - wish I'd bought it in the first place! It can be converted within seconds from a single (for newborn or toddler), to a double with the additional seat & carrycot (for newborn & baby/toddler), to an in-line for a baby & toddler or 2 toddlers). Its not that much wider than a single & only a bit longer. Its all terrain so ideal for me & all of the walking I like to do. Since we got it (last July I think) we've had 1 puncture & there isn't much in the way of basket storage, but I would rather this than trying to lumber around a heavy tandem, or struggle through gaps & round shops with a side-by-side.

    I would recommend a Phil & Teds if you're planning on adding to your family quickly, as you can buy the single pushchair to start with, then the additional seat later on if you need to.

    Monitor - we were bought a BT digital one & its great. It tells you the temperature (& has an alarm if it gets too hot), it also plays lullaby's which we used a lot with our daughter. You can also talk to the baby through it.

    Something we would not be without (& I actually panic at the thought of not having it!) is a bouncy seat! My sister bought us one with a vibrating function. This has broken now but we still use the bouncy seat for our son & it never fails to calm a baby down! Even if you get the cheapest you can find, GET ONE!!!!!!

    Having had 2 babies who refuse to keep blankets on, we've found sleeping bags to be invaluable in keeping them warm at night, & they don't need to be expensive ones.

    Something I do think is a bit of a waste of money is fancy little outfits. For the first few months I only ever really put them in fancy outfits if we were going anywhere special! The rest of the time it was comfy all-in-ones. Some of the denim jeans, for example, are made of the same denim as adult jeans, so they are quite stiff & it can't be comfy.
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    Dont bother with baby lotion/oil. Dont overstock on shampoo. And defo do not buy nail clippers...made the mistake of snipping off some skin as well as nail first time I used them and cried cos I had made her cry.

    Couldn't live without baby sleeping bags, muslins in first few months, jumperoo once baby was sitting up on her own, play gym when she was smaller, cot mobile...still use it now at 22 months but have it sitting on chest of drawers so light show plays on ceiling.

    Dawn x
    what a great thread. Luckily I havent bought anything on the ''forget it'' lists image

    Did you all use sleeping bags right away if baby was big enough or only when they are out of moses basket?

  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308

    I started using sleeping bags at 4 weeks when LO started kicking off her blankets and working her way out of the sheet she was swaddled in!

    Agree with the other girls, these are a fantastic invention - LO loves hers and is lovely and snug at night! We only use it at bedtime and she seems to know that means bed (following bath etc), although lots of people use them during the day too!

  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    My LO is way too small for a sleeping bag but can't wait til she is big enough as she has started sticking her feet through the bars in the crib. Some say minimum of 8lb 8

    We have just got a bouncy chair which is invaluable, especially now she is a few weeks older and awake more in the day, when wide awake she hates being put in moses basket.

    I have done Caitlins nails with an emery board so far and this worked well.
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399

    my lo is 14 months and still uses the grobags! shes is such a wriggler and ends up in all positions so blankets don't work! she went in it when she went in her cot at 8 weeks as she grew out of her moses basket and learnt how to escape the swaddling! she was too small at birth to go in it straight away.

    We used a baby bath for a few weeks but then got a cloth support think from mothercare which u put in the main bath and lie baby on it. Wish i had used it from birth as it was so much easier!

    I had a baby sling but never used it!

    brought a basic baby bouncer which lo loved as lots of friends brought expensive swings etc and their babies hated it so didn't want to waste money!

    Again don't bother with manual breast pump- buy electric!

    I used the thermometer on our baby monitor

    again don't build up a stock of nappies before baby is born as u won't know what will suit ure lo until they are here. Same as wipes!
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Forgot-we used nail scissors as first time i used nail clippers i got some of her skin aswell! felt so bad ive never used them again! she used to not mind getting her nails cut but shes started to protest big time now!
  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    Hi Magic Merlin, I used sleeping bag straight away as baby was big enough not to slip under - asda have ones for £12 and they're a really nice size not too long and creepy like some so fit well even in moses basket!

    Things I couldn't live without:

    * Maxicosi Cabriofix & Base - It's fab to be able to just pop it on the base instead of fiddling with seatbelts especially when you're in a rush. LO feels so secure in it so gives us great peace of mind.

    * Icandy Peach - Fab travel system although carrycot only used a handful of times (the joys of a winter baby) it's very easy to pack away and looks great.

    * Fabric Bath Support - This allows me to have both hands free to bath baby and saves my back from being too sore bending over and supporting baby at the same time. It's very supportive so I'm not panicking incase I drop the baby.

    * Playmat - Hours of entertainment for baby as he grows!

    * Ewan the Sheep - Great nighlight/cuddly toy for baby it has 4 different sounds with womb noises in the background - always settles baby.

    Things I wouldn't bother with:

    * Electric Steam Steriliser - a pain when you have to sterilise bottles again each time you take one out. Waste of electricity. I use a milton cold water unit with liquid or tabs and I can pop things in and out as I need them and they are sterile in 15 mins.

    * Loads of Nappies - Stocked up on pampers and changed within a week because they were not suited to my LO, buy one pack and decide whether to stick to them once baby is born.

    * Bottle Warmer - Unless it's digital and timed it's no different or quicker than using a jug with hot water you still have to keep an eye on it. I started using the microwave after 2 weeks.

    And that's about it! x
    Thanks ladies, am so excited now my time is nearly here.

    I bought Ewan the Dream Sheep too mum2be2011, I love it already image

    Do you put the baby in a sleep suit and then the sleeping bag or just a light vest?
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Hi magicmerlin.

    Depends on time of year and warmth of your house really. My lo likes to be warm and our house is quite cold so at the moment she goes to sleep in long sleeved vest, fleecy pj's and 2.5 tog gro bag. Her rooms gets to 16degrees in the night and in anything less than that she gets cold. Once it gets warmer we will move to normal pj's (or sleepsuit) then short sleeved vest and then lower tog gro bag. In the summer last year some night she just had a nappy and gro bag. Summer this year though we are hoping to stop the gro bags and then go to a duvet in the winter.

    I would just play it by ear though as to how warm u think they need to be. My lo is at an age now where she can tell me if shes too hot and coldvbut it was a nightmare when she was younger as always worried if i had put too many layers on her or not enough!
  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    Just now I put him in a vest, sleepsuit and grobag and if its an extra cold night i make sure i use a long sleeved vest but I suppose I'll probably change this in the summer although I'm sure you get lighter tog bags for summer x
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    My LO is in vest, sleepsuit and sleeping bag. We used the sleeping bag from a few days old as he just would not be swaddled. Even the nurses in hospital couldn't swaddle him. He's always hated it. He was 9lb 6oz when born so big enough.
  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    Yeah my LO was 9lb 5oz so I think if he was smaller I wouldn't have been able to use them. A few of us November Mums had big strapping baby boys! x
  • martinej1martinej1 Posts: 688
    What a great thread!

    Any tips on good bouncy chairs /playgym?

    Would you bother with separate mattress for Moses basket or just use the one it comes with?

    What shops r best value for basic baby clothes - like vests and slept suits etc?

  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Hi martinej1

    i got a bouncy chair from toys r us. Can't remember the name but its cream and has a zebra on it. I loved it as it lies flat for when my lo was little and then gradually put it in the sitting position. It vibrates and has sounds and has little toys hanging from the hood. Lo used it till about 6 months old and she could sit unsupported.

    Play mat we got from argos and it was called something like rainforest play mat, sorry im useless at remembering what things are called! lol its greens and multi coloured with the toys hanging over the top and played music and had lights underneath for baby to look at.

    I buy my lo's vests from primark as they are cheap and do the job and don't mind throwing them away if they get stainned or covered in an explosive nappy! lol sleepsuits/ babygro's i found the best ones were from next as they didn't misshapen or shrink in the tumble drier. There are not cheap but the best quality. I tried to buy neutral colours so i can use them for my next baby if we have a boy!

    I got given a moses basket from my sister and she was given it by a family friend. We have all used the mattress that comes with it. I think its had about 4 different babies in it so far and im sure will have many more in the family! im sure we will have to get a new matress one day but they are not in it long so it lasts a while.

    Sorry for going on a bit! hope it helps!
  • martinej1martinej1 Posts: 688
    How weird. I have been looking at the zebra chair from babies r us and it's the one I really want but its been out of stock for ages! I've also put the fisher price rainforest playgym on our list! ..great minds image

    Thanks for the tips x
  • shellbob73shellbob73 Posts: 3,152
    Alfie (big November baby club, at 9lb 5oz) was in a sleeping bag straight away, although he outgrew the 0-6 month really quickly so is now in the 6-12 month instead. We put him in a long sleeved bodysuit, with either a sleep suit, or leggings with feet & cardi (ideal for longer babies as you'll find that they outgrow all-in-ones really quickly). If its really cold we'll sometimes put an extra cardi on him, though usually 2 layers is enough.

    We've bought a lot of bodysuits & sleep suits from Tesco & George. They're generally good quality & you can get some lovely designs, as well as plain white ones.
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We have the Fisher Price Playtime planet bouncer, was bought for us and Caitlin loves it, we have put the batteries in for the vibrate but not for the animals yet. It is great material as easily wipe clean.

    For playmat we have Mamas and Papas Light and sound ladybird, it is gorgeous, and well padded and is set up for tummy time as well as baby on her back. The only thing is the cover isn't easily removable or washable but it was bought as a gift for us.

    We have a variety of sleepsuits, the ones from TU have really long sleeves, the next ones were great and look out in their sales as I bought packs of 3 for £7. Mothercare ones seem to be long in the leg. For tiny baby Tesco have been great.
  • Changing table - personally this was a great buy for us and still use it (my little man is 21 months). Great for storage and saves my back!

    Tommee tippee nappy disposal - expensive but very useful!

    Jumperoo - Harry used this from 3 months and it was great for keeping him entertained, sometimes for 1 hour so I could get stuff done!

    Pram - baby style oyster which is great can't wait to use it again! Small and light, big basket and fits maxi cosi car seat.

    Monitor - bt 150 which was great...can control from parent unit and it has lullabies which we used a lot (same as the other girls have said!)

    Sleeping bag - worth every penny!

    Top and tail bowl - waste of money a bowl will do.

    Baby bath/bath support - waste of money too, we just bathed him in our bath no problem!

    Think that's it great thread!x
  • MrsQM2MrsQM2 Posts: 3,723
    Loving your advice ladies!!

    Re night lights, we have to leave a light on upstairs at night, for the dog image , would you still recommend that a night light is bought for the little ones room, or our bedroom for when baby arrives, obviously the door will be open to let in the light from the landing.
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    Hi mrsqm2

    Our baby monitor has a night light on it and we only actually use it for when we have to go in during the night if shes crying. As shes slept without one from day one shes happy with the dark and knows its bed time. Trying to put her in the cot for day time naps is a different matter as its light even with black out curtains! lol

    i would say decide on a monitor as most of them have night lights and u will probably find that you do not need a separate one
  • MrsQM2MrsQM2 Posts: 3,723
    Thanks waited 82, I've just checked the blurb for the monitor I'm after and it has temperature and night light, so thank you for that, 3 in 1!!

    I mentioned the baby bath earlier, it's the tippitoes baby bath I've been told to get, but as mentioned earlier, we've already been given a normal baby bath, and also one of those bath material seats which can fit into your normal bath, they look like a bouncer chair!!
    Thanks for the tips ladies, I wasn't sure how to dress her, if she arrives this week it has gotten cold here but then could change again next week, eek just want her out now! image

    I bought the Rainforest play mat and I love it so can't see how any baby wouldn't image

    Has anyone got any tips for baby toys, I know they are too young at newborn and I just have soft ones but anything that you had that was good stimulation say 1month+?

  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    We had the rainforest playmat too and its great, our little one loved it!!!

    Dunnes store is really good for baby vest and sleepsuits. Next is good for sleepsuits once baby is walking as they do footless ones and if you have laminate floor like we do then baby can't slip with the footless ones!!

    Baby toys for 1+ month...ikea has some soft toys with rattles inside and the soft material books are good, especially ones that squeek.

    Dawn x
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