When should I come off the Mirena coil?


I had a coil (not sure which one (one without hormones) and was told fertility would return immediately. Haad it removed straight after our wedding in March 11 and didn't have any periods at all until June 11. Docs told me after that having it removed can be a shock for your body and can take up to 6 months for normal periods to resume. I then had 1 period followed by awful cramps and the docs said was prob an infection from the removal of the coil so gave me antibiotics - the pain infactw was implantation of my 1st pregnancy which I not long after miscarried. I fell pregnant again straight after my miscarriage but all in all its been quite a stressful 12 months.

Have a chat with your H2B and your doc and see what they say - everybodies body is different and will react differently - mine is prob a worse case scenario but it can have issues.

Good luck with your wedding and TTC when you are ready x x
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