Help clearing up a few questions?! X

Hi ladies!

I'm new to all this but going to start TTC next month.

My cycles are a bit irregular (29 at shortest and 37 at longest) so I have used Internet OPKs for a few months just to get a rough idea of what is going on?!

I seem to get a positive on different days of the month... Should I expect the number of days between positive OPK and my period to be the same?

Also, i hear you all mention how many dpo you can do a HPT... Is the day you ovulate the day you get a positive OPK or day after.

So confused!!


  • Hey

    When you ovulate you should expect your period 14 days after this (it could vary from 10-14's called the lutuel phase).

    You will get a positive ovulation test before you ovulate...when you get a positive you ovulate 12-36 hours after this. You should look out for signs like mucus that can be stretched. When I ovulate I know as I have cramping and pain in my back!

    I've just got my bfp on 12 dpo (af due today but got positive weds), but that an vary from person to person too as it depends how quickly your hormones friend didn't get a positive til 1.5 weeks after missed period!

    I hope I've told you the correct info...I won't be offended if anybody corrects me!

    Good luck with ttc hope it happens quickly for you!x
  • MaryW2014MaryW2014 Posts: 15
    Thanks Charlotte! Thats a massive help.

  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Mary, what charlotte has said is correct.

    The normal lutuel phase length is 14 days, however, anything from 10-14 days is absolutely fine for concieving.

    As you dont ovulate on the same cycle day each month, keep using the OPK's to ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance every month.

    (I always ovulated on different days each month also, so would have missed ovulation if I hadnt been keeping track - although I used temperature charting as OPK's didnt work for me!)

    When you do get your positive OPK, make sure you BD every day for a few days, but please try not to get too worked up if you do everything right, but still dont get a +ve pregnancy test (easier said than done, believe me!) because it can take ages for some women to catch.

    Get yourself over to the TTC thread as all the ladies there are lovely and will help you out loads image

    Good luck xxx
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    Thanks I will have a look for the thread x
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    As your cycles are varying lengths you will ovulate on different days do look outfor cervical mucus starting to appear and get bding every 2-3 days from then as sperm live upto 5 days but better to give day between bding for them to be optimum and you can get pregnant if bd before ovulating but tests will only tell you when about to
  • MaryW2014MaryW2014 Posts: 15
    Thanks Guys - You have all been so helpful!!

    I havn't even started yet but I just KNOW I am going to get urges to test far far too early.

    I scond what everyone says, my cycles were about 34 ish days but my luteal was always 14 days like clockwork so ovulation was around day 20ish however the month we conceived I got a peak (was using cbfm) on day 12 so you just never know what your body will do. My CM reduced each cycle too so I couldnt rely on that, I would say that CBFM was a godsend to me as I couldnt get on with the opks image Good luck

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