My IDENTICAL TWIN sister is pregnant!!!!!

OH MY GOD This feels bizarre!

You may have seen my post here a few weeks ago saying I didn't feel ready etc and now hearing that my twin is pregnant is just weird. Am soooooo thrilled for her. It's such great news but it's just odd that she's in that place and I'm not yet - and we are twins. Maybe I should be in that place? Maybe I will be now she is preggers.She has already been married for almost 2 years though so I guess she is a step ahead already.

Am upset though as she didn't even tell me they were trying for a baby. Her and hubby have always made out they are quite anti children but apparently she came off the pill 10 months ago, found out she has PCOS and had to have treatment to make her ovulate. So like PROPERLY trying for baby not even just seeing if it happened. She is 12 weeks gone already and this morning is the FIRST I have heard ANYTHING. Not only of baby - but that they were even trying. I know she much have had her reasons but am still quite hurt. But I know it's not the time to be raising it with her.

This means she is going to be 6 months pregnant when she is my BM!!!! I know I shouldn't be selfish and think of myself but.....! Such pretty pink BM dress, already ordered and here.... Hmmmm.

Anyway, got to go to work now. May come back and gush a bit more when I get home - am just so shocked.



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    That is fab news for your sister - I have friends with pcos and it took them years to have children, and one is still trying.

    I understand why you feel left out though - I would hope my sister would share with me if she was trying for a baby, and certainly before the twelve weeks.

    And it would have been nice to have been told, what with her being bridesmaid for you when she will obviously be a different size to what she was when you bought them.

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    (sorry, double post)

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