4 month sleep regression

Any tips for dealing with this???!!!

So far my LO is still doing ok at night (thank goodness and fingers crossed it stays this way) but he's completely lost the ability to nap.

Since about 10 weeks he's been in a fantastic 'routine', having 3-4 naps a day. He'd be awake roughly for 1hr and a half-2 hours, then he'd sleep for 45mins-1hr and a half. But for the last 4 days he's given up napping. He'll get to his 2 hour being awake limit, then scream for the next 2 hours as nothing I can do will get him to go to sleep. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!


  • MrsH2128MrsH2128 Posts: 566
    I think this may just be a phase that some babies go through? My son went through this phase and refused point blank to nap during the day but he eventually started to go down twice daily after breakfast and then lunch. Where does he sleep during the day? My son was sleeping in his travel cot (with extra mattress) in our living room but we moved him to his cot upstairs and this has really helped, also got him used to sleeping in his cot before we moved him into his nursery at night. I have found that bouncing him over my shoulder on my birthing ball helps him to nod off. x
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    Hi Mia,

    Alfie went through this a couple of weeks ago and he was literally awake all day and when he did nap it was no more than 15 mins! He seems to have gone back to his normal now though and naps after breakfast and after lunch then late afternoon. I didn't really do anything to encourage this he just went back into his routine himself x
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    Thanks for the replies. He goes down in his cot for naps, unless we're out and then he would usually have slept in his pram. He woke 3 times last night too! I'll just have to be patient I suppose!
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