Saw my baby again today - 2D/3D scan!!

Hi there

I had my fetal abnormally scan today at 22 weeks (they do this at 20 weeks in the UK). It was amazing to see (and feel) the baby kicking & moving around.

Everything's 100% fine - I'm so relieved. Even though I knew things should be fine it didn't stop me worrying and waking up stupidly early this morning.

The 3D scan is amazing but, according to my doctor, more for entertainment than diagnostics when the pregnancy and baby are normal. We got to see the baby's face (think BB has Dom's nose) - it was so clear although BB got camera shy and put its hands up in front of his/her face.

I don't want to know the sex but Dom did and now does - they simply told me to close my eyes and pointed at things on the screen. He's not 100% sure of what he saw or what he was told but was the most excited I've seen him as he thinks he knows (hey, the language barrier can have its benefits sometimes!) - I had tears in my eyes seeing him so happy. image

Anyway - can't really add any more. I would upload some of the pics I was given but the pic from my dress fitting on Monday still hasn't made it into the gallery - I can email if anyone is that nosey/interested!!




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    Wow!! Would love to see a pic! Do we get 3d scans over here!?

    Siani xx
  • Sianilaa, you can get 3d scans over here. check out this website

    this place is based in Reading but maybe they could give you info on a place near you. my friend had a scan done here last week. she is 26 weeks pregnant. for £90 she had a 15 minute scan and came away with a dvd of the scan and 4 photos. she also paid and extra £50 to find out the sex of the baby. the dvd is amazing, i watched it and cried!! my mum said she'll take me and h2b there when i reach 26 weeks (only 9 now so still keeping my fingers and toes crossed!). it is sooooooo worth the money.

    MissJoJo, i'm glad you enjoyed ur 3d scan. it must make it all feel so much more real knowing exactly what your little bundle looks like. congratulations on getting to 22 weeks, over half way there!! x
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    Hi Sianilaa

    You have some mail... I'll email you a pic and short video clip once you reply!

    I know that there's a place near Ipswich and in London where they do 3D scans but no idea of how much it costs. We were with the doctor nearly an hour yesterday and it came to about 80GBP - they don't charge extra for telling you the sex here because most people find out before (so much so I'm struggling to buy gender neutral baby clothes etc).

    You can't really compare the prices of hospital services here to those of the UK, plus I was having a detailed scan, almost the same as you'd have in the UK. We only did the 3D one once we knew the baby was in a good position and we would be able to see the face! Its not a case of added expense for us as H2Bs company is paying all our bills until our medical insurance kicks in at the start of October (the idiots started us on a new policy last December and we're not covered for antenatal/maternity services until the policy's been active for 10 months).

    3D scans are actually better done a few weeks later - 24 - 28 weeks seems to be the normal time but we don't know if we'll have another scan now unless the doctor tells us to.


  • francybfrancyb Posts: 586 in maidenhead do 3d/4d scans
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    Just uploaded some images to the gallery...


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