33weeks & rapid heart rate

Just up for the toilet at 2.48am, I'm 33weeks gone. It's now 3.30am and since coming back to bed my heart is beating incredibly fast and at times I'm struggling to catch my breath.

At midwife last week she noted I was tachycardia with a resting heart rate of 104bpm. Baby's heart rate was also very fast as it was trying to mimic mine.

Anyone else suffer from this? I am aware of it beating very fast at random times during the day but through the night is becoming much more frequent. Any tips for reducing heart rate? My blood pressure was normal last week x


  • blenkibooblenkiboo Posts: 761
    Hi thought I would comment as no-one else has done so and I know how horrible it feels. I have a heart condition that causes me to have palpitations etc, but I am not nor ever have been pregnant. I know though that this can be very common in pregnancy. My episodes can last up to 8 hours and the rate will be 200-300bpm!!

    There are a few things they tell me to do to try and get it back down, but these have never worked for me! Only thing that works for me is medicine.

    I would see your GP or midwife for advise though, as I am not sure if these things are safe to do when pregnant.x
    I would say call the GP or midwife as I thought I read or had been told to seek advice for rapid heart rates esp in later pregnancy. Hope you are feeling OK though.
  • Thanks ladies, I'll keep an eye on it. Am due back at the midwife early next week but will call my gp if it continues. My husband thinks I do it to myself but I have no control over it and even taking slow deep breaths, sitting up, stopping what I'm doing etc don't ease it! It's just most frightening when I start panicking and can't catch my breath image gosh I wish I was one of those who had an easy pregnancy!x
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    are you sleeping on your back or right hand side, as apparently the weight of the baby will put pressure on your nerves, resulting in a lack of blood pumping and you will wake up with a racing heart. Just a thought!
  • Hi michnank, I'm actually sleeping upright due to pelvis pain I'm having so I'm not able to lie down x
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    I'm 25 weeks and often have heart palpitations. However, mine are due to having an irregular heart beat (although its a regular extra beat) and so any change e.g. movement to stopping and I can feel it. It's especially noticeable when I lie down at night. However, midwife has monitored my blood pressure and all is fine at the moment.

    I would keep an eye on it and if it gets any worse call the midwife straight away. Always best to be on the safe side but I'm sure the midwife would have said if it was a big concern x x
  • blenkibooblenkiboo Posts: 761
    If you are noticing it more when you are getting up out of bed then try getting out of bed a bit slower if that makes sense! I know some peoples palpitations can get triggered by those kinds of sudden movements.

    Easier said than done if your bursting for the loo, but worth a try! Something which sometimes helps slow my down a bit that I can't see being harmful to the baby is dunking your face into a sink full of cold water. The 'shock' to the system is meant to shock you back into a regular rhythm. Might be worth a try xx
  • Lol thanks blenkiboo, unfortunately I can't do anything with sudden movement these days! Last night it actually started once I was back in bed and trying to get back to sleep. On other occasions when it happens I can just be sitting at my desk or on the sofa do not when I'm even doing anything physical. I'll bear the cold water in mind thanks!

    As said, midwife didn't seem too concerned to want to do anything about it. I'll just tell her how it's been when I see her next x
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