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hi everyone. not posted on this section of the forum yet, but have been lurking for a while, and found it very useful when planning my wedding. A bit of background first. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years. Came off the pill on May 2009. We then got engaged in December 09. We decided just to wait and see what happened, so got on with the planning with the wedding. Got married in October 2011 and still no baby news. We bit the bullett and went to the GP. had the 21 day blood test, all ok. hubby has been for 2 tests and has to go for a 3rd due to varying results. We have an appointment with the fertility clinic in June. We are also headed off on a delayed honeymoon in 5 weeks time, so we are hoping 3 weeks in the st lucian sun will bring us some baby magic. One issue was have is that i'm 33 and my hubby is 45, so we dont really have much time on our side. I'm just hoping and praying some relaxation will help us along! Thanks for reading.


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    It could be what you need, going on holiday. i read recently that vitimin D levels are so bad in Britain's population (especially during winter months) that it could have knock on effects on fertility. The Dr who wrote the article even suggested that couples who are thinking of IVF may well do better to spend the money on a 2 week vacation in the sun to top up on their vitamin D as this could be the problem!

    So fingers crossed for you image
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    thanks for the tip re ther Vitamin D! I just hope we can get away as my hubby could possibly be made redunandant at the end of the month and if that happens we may end up having to cancel it. It would be devasting, but that is only worse case scenerio. None of the tests we have done so far indicate any problems. But the last 2 years have been so crazy with wedding planning, we need the break! watch this space. Thanks for the support x
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    Hey honey, I know it's hard (we stopped counting at 2 years, now waiting for a fertility referal).

    With the age thing, I don't think you have too much to worry about at this stage - the general IVF cut off is 40 for women and about 65 for men (lucky men don't have the same age issues as women).

    With regards to the Vit D; although it's useful advice it isn't a fully researched thing yet (check out the details on the NHS website). As I'm sure you know, there are loads of "miracle cures" out there and a lot of it is a load of bull. As long as you are eating well, reasonably fit, and taking the relevant folic acid, then you are doing the best you can.

    Good luck with your appointment honey - and hopefully the job thing doesn't ruin your holiday xxx
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    I just wanted to say hi! I've not posted on here for ages.

    We are in a very, very similar situation. We got married in 2010 and have been trying for nearly 2 years now. I am 33 (34 this year) and Husband is 40. We paid for a couple of tests privately and luckily my egg reserves are okay, but Husband has low sperm morphology. We've just had loads (and loads) of blood tests for my Doctor and this week he is going to refer us to a fertility clinic. image I am glad it is moving, but not that it has come to this.... it is finally feeling like it may never happen but I try to be positive.

    We are off on holiday at the end of April so I am very excited about the Vit D comment and am going to google that now image
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    Hi ladies, My hubby and I tried for 6 years to conceive and were told by docs that we had more chance of winning the lottery than conceiving naturally. After heartbreak month after month, we decided last August to just give up trying naturally (which in itself is a big decision), and concentrate on saving some money to have ICSI. But in February, my AF was late, we waited 14 days before testing ( I have been known to have 7 week gaps - maybe due to stress) and discovered we are expecting. I'm not trying to give anyone false hope, but I think having a holiday, and trying to forget about getting pregnant is a huge stress reliever, and who knows? These miracles might just happen. Fingers are crossed for all those struggling, xxxx Helen xxx 14+1
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