Tested too early?

Okay so I am the most impatient person in the world and after watching 'Make me a Baby' on BBC3 tonight I couldn't resist and even though it's still 3/4 days to period dure date I took a test. Anyway it said a big fat no but then I fread that if you are testing early (before period) then you should do it in morning and this was at 10pm. Also it said that it's only 53% correct when testing pregnant women 4 days early. So it could be that I jomped the gun and did it wrong and far too early but I cant help feeling like it was right and I aren't preganant again even though I felt like I could be this month. Anyway feeling impatient and a bit blurgh about it all today so wanted to get that off my chest. image xxx


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    I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your post as I have done exactly the same as you and also got a negative result. At the end of the day its what we deserve for being so impatient. Im going to wait till Monday and re test if I have not come on.

    Good Luck

    Steph x
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    Only since the wedding really Lyndsey. Thats how impatient I am! lol!

    Good luck to you Steph. Funny that you have done the same as me though nice to know I aren't the only one. I'm going to have to wait until Monday too. A whole three days!! (If I don't come on on Sunday) I'll be so dissappointed. I know thats daft when it's only been two months but I cant help it because I have had unusual pains in my womb area past two days that don't feel like period cramps or anything I've had before so I am hopeful. Ah well if I'm not I'll have fun trying again next month. Fingers crossed for both of us Steph xxx
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    oh god Jules it is so not only you - EVERYONE trying for a baby gets this impatient - seriously!!!!!! Holding out for period due day is the HARDEST few days of the month!!!! Ipromised myself I would wait till 3 days after period was due before I tested but by 3pm on the day it was due I tested!!! No will power me. But I think early testing is much more easily incorrect so if you can hold on till the day you are due do try or it will end up costing you a FORTUNE in tests!!!! Also DEFINITELY get the digital tests that say 'pregnant' or 'Not pregnant' they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much easier to read than trying to decide if there is or isn't a line!

    Good luck!
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    im exactly the same i can be a day late, get my hopes up, test (which is negative) then come on that same day!! Its like i put my body through a rollercoaster of feelings in 24 hours.
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    im the same emmie n im not even trying im still on the pill image i wish i was though which is why i get excited that i might be xx
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    If you are testing early you should test with your first wee of the day..that way the hormones are more concentrated and it stands more of a chance of picking them up!

    I think I lasted till 2 days before I was gonna test... thats ummm some willpower there!! The only bad thing about the digital tests is if you are like me and like to keep looking at the line..then the battery runs out after a couple of days so you end up buying an ordinary one anyway so you have someting to look at!!

    best of luck jules x
  • i have been trying for soo long and im really getting impatient we started trying in september - and still nothing - im hoping this month - x x x
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    all 3 of my prgs my test was neg 3 days aftr period was due then positive a few days later it depends when the baby implants
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