I'm about 10 days late and negative pregnancy test...


I just want some advice. Me and my partner are not currently trying for a baby and I have a coil fitted, so I think the chances of me being pregnant are very slim.

However, it's very rare for me to be this late but, I am never the same time each month, but it only changes by about a day or two.

I did a test as my H2B is panicking and it was negative.

We've said that we'll wait a week or so and do another more expensive test if i'm not on by then.

I don't feel pregnant and I keep saying that I know my own body and I would think that I would know if I'm pregnant, is that true?

Is there any other reason I could be late?

Help please!


  • Did you do your test first thing in the morning?

    Are you stressed, or have you been poorly or lost weight? Those are other reasons it may be late..
  • Yes, I did it about 8am.

    I have lost almost a stone and a half since January. I haven't been poorly as such but had a car accident in November so I've not been working.
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    Sounds like stress to me hun! Our bodies can be really sensitive when they want to be! Everyone has a 'missed' period or irregular cycle now and then. I would re-test in a week or so but it's probably mind over matter image x
  • Yeah stress does it! I moved abroad at 21 and I was late by 11 days through stress!

    Do you have any abdominal pain!? Cysts can also cause it to be late! Or you say you lost a lot of weight was it intentional or could it be thyroid related?!
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    The longer the coil is in the more likely you are to stop having periods - is it the copper (non-hormonal) coil or the mirena?

    If it's the non-hormonal type then stress, loosing weight, illness, lifestyle changes and tiredness are the most common cause for lateness. Most women normally miss at least one period a year, but because a lot of women are on the pill they get "fake" periods and presume they are every month when they aren't. It's also common for your cycles to get naturally longer as you get older (it's the hormones changing in response to the body noticing the reduction in ovarian reserve).

    If you are on the hormonal coil then it's completely normal, a lot of women with it stop getting periods altogether after a while.

  • Yes, it's the copper coil and I've had it for about 6 years. My periods have been getting REALLY heavy recently but still nothing. It's now 14 days late and it's stressing me out which probably isn't helping matters. We've bought a more expensive test so I think I'll do that tomorrow morning.

    I lost the weight fairly slowly over about 14 weeks, I did mean to as I need to shape up for the wedding August!

    I have been getting shooting pains in my abdomen but only in the evening and usually only when I lay down in bed which is really odd.

    I have also got really itchy nipples at the moment, I don't know if that's anything to do with what's going on.

    It's really odd, I have never missed a period!

    Thank you for all of your advice ladies.
  • Shooting pains in abdomen sounds like a cyst, Id take the test tomorrow then get right to the docs, if it is a cyst it could twist and rupture and is serious
  • I've done another test and it's negative. I think it's time to book a doctors appointment.
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    Agree with lily - the shooting pain could be a cyst and they can often make you miss a period. Try not to worry, but definately go. I have had quite a lot of cysts that have ruptured and there isn't much you can do, and they often don't cause any harm, but sometimes they can be painful and make you quite poorly. On rare occasions cysts can need operating, but only very rarely. Make sure you tell the doctor every symptom especially if you are urinating more often and are getting full quickly or bloating - classic cyst symptoms.

    Let us know how you get on x
  • Its not true that its on rare occasion they need operating on infact its common, if they rupture and cause a torsion they must be operated on immediately! The doctor will usually wait if your in not too much pain to let it slowly go on its own, but if you get very severe pain get to A&E!

    I had a torsion and internal bleeding from my stomach and an emergency op!
  • I spoke to the Doctor today and he thinks I've got an Ovarian Cyst. I'm booked in for an appointment with him tomorrow. I've been so emotional today I literally can't stop crying, I hope it's all connected somehow.
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    Great you spoke to the Dr, it's prob the added stress making you tearful too. Hope it goes ok tomorrow for you, let us know. x
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    Glad you managed to speak to the doctor, hope it goes ok for you tomorrow too! x
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    I have a Miranda coil, had it about 2 and a half years. I also have pcos, occasionally I will have a lot of pain not during a period sometimes around ovulation time but it's hard to tell as I have no real pattern or regularity. I can have very short or very long bleeds, some heavy some light which makes keeping track of "normal"!

    last year I had a similar situation where I hadn't bled for about 3 months but the previous times i had were really heavy but had lots of pain and symptoms similar to when I was pregnant, went to the doctors and was dismissed as being normal for me but they sent me for an ultrasound to check the coil position and just check all was ok. Coil was fine and no major problems though I still had a lot of cysts on my ovaries, she also noted that the lining of my womb was quite thick so may well have a bleed soon.

    A few days after I did bleed and was pretty uncomfortable, unfortunately I just have to put up with it!

    Bit long winded but try not to worry, hopefully they will be able to put your mind at rest and give you some answers image
  • Thank you everyone, I went to the doctors and he examined me and doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with my ovaries, he thinks I am suffering from stress which has delayed my period and is making me emotional.

    Now to think of a way to be less stressed! Any ideas!?
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    I was thinking stress related, it's happening to me every month over last few months on lead up to the big day (7 weeks tomorrow!). When it does arrive its very normal, adds to the disappointment though image
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    Bottle of wine??????? Chocolate??????? Well that's how I de-stress!

    Good to hear he thinks everything is fine it's really reassuring! That by itself should help you de-stress! Nice deep breath and relax, maybe have a hot bath and try to switch your mind off the wedding for 10 minutes, from your planning thread it looks amazing so you will have nothing to worry about on the big day! Chin up and big hugs! image
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    acunpunture or yoga to relieve stress!! I swear by it now!

    isnt exercise meant to be good? maybe join the gym. Get some head space and keep fit image
  • Did you get an ultrasound of your ovaries?
  • No, he had a feel of my tummy and he didn't seem to think there was any problem. I think if it persists I'll go back.
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