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Hi all!

Just a quick one as I think I've either misunderstood or am just a bit dim!!!

We have gone for the maxi cosi cabriofix car seat. I know obviously this goes on the front passenger seat and therefore I will be in the back seat (or driving!!!!). I'm just a big confused with how long this should go on for? My mum seems to think its 9 months but I'm not sure about that, I'm pretty sure I've known if people using these seats in the back for a while!!

Any help would be much appreciated image



  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399

    the seat can only go in the front if uve not got an airbag! if u have it has to go in the back. We have an airbag so our lo's car seat has been in the back from day one and we brought a special mirror so we could see her. She was in her baby car seat till about 8 months before we put her in her forward facing one, still in the back seats
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    Lol I've just replied in the April thread, but waited82 is right. We have the same car seat as you & are using the isofix base. Also, even if you have the airbag function & disable it, I think you're still suppose to put them in the back as it could still activate.

  • shellycrook2bshellycrook2b Posts: 1,299
    That's helpful thanks. We have an airbag in the front but will turn it off. So the rear facing car seats can be used in the back then. We will probably have him/her in the front for a while but not sure how we'll decide when to move it to the back seat!!

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    Hiya shell, I'd say with your spangley new car it'd have to go in the back straight away as waited said.

    Facing towards the back window. We got our little mirror off Amazon but sure you can get them from Asda or somewhere like that. If you search on you tube I'm sure they have vids of how to install xxx
  • waited82waited82 Posts: 399
    We could turn our air bag off too but there is always a risk of it failing and it coming out anyway in a crash. Also in a lot of new cars they also have side airbags. Personally for safety reasons i would always put baby in the rear seat and when i worked in the maternity unit this is what we woukd advise parents too. Always better to be safe than sorry
  • roo10roo10 Posts: 722
    Yeah, I too think its safer in the back. Plus if the baby was in the front next to me driving & it was crying, I'd become too distracted. But it is your choice & you'll know what's right. I seem to think we have about 6-8 airbags around the front of the car. Ours is a yaris 08 reg.

    To think when we were born, I went home in mums arms in the car & hubby was put in a carrycot balancing on the back seat!

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    Morning Shell!

    I too have been told to not put baby in the front of car, whether airbags are switched off or you don't have any at all. I asked as hubs and I both have 3 door cars so will be a nightmare trying to get baby out of a rear facing car seat on back seat! But will def be putting her in the back after what the lady told me - all sorts of horror stories from her training videos as she had done loads of car seat training. She also made the point that it stops you getting distracted if driving by looking at baby all the time - obviously this could be dangerous and make you more likely to have an accident, whereas if in back you would have to stop to check on him/her.

    Hope that helps hun! Not sure how I'm going to manouevre my backside and baby through some of the tiny gaps people manage to leave when they park their cars like numskulls!!! image

  • Hey

    Definitely never put car seat in the front even with a disabled airbag. All the advise is it's safer for them to be in the back as most crashes are front impact. We put ours behind passenger seat that way if it was just one of us in the car we could turn and see him when stopped...would be hard to see him if it was behind driver seat. Bought a mirror also which was very useful.

    Harry was in rear facing car seat til about 11 months, they say leave them in rear facing for as long as possible as they're the safest. Once their head starts to go above the top then you change (doesn't matter about feet). Harry is tall so we had to move him sooner even though he was still within the weight limit for it.

    All the best for when your little one arrives!x
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We have the cabriofix with the isofix base and have had it in the back from day one. It is the safest place and we have gone behind the passenger seat, for the reason stated above and also so that if parked against the kerb you aren't taking baby into the middle of the road.

    We can only disable one airbag and the same as the poster above we have an 08 Yaris that has loads in the front, also the positioning of the passenger seat has to be just right whereas the back seat is already positioned

    Edited to say it is down to the weight of the baby how long they are in the rear facing car seats, it is birth to 12 months or 13kg

    We went for the family fix isofix base as it will do the next size seat too
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    Im just going to echo what everyone else has said, we bought Kai home from the hospital in his car seat in the back of the car...I sat next to him clinging on to him for dear life! image he never went in the front and was only in his baby carseat till he was 8months then changed into a forward facing one!! we have a three door car and im a dab hand at getting him in and out, Im a nightmare with 5 door cars its all about the angle and what you get used to! This one will also be going staright in the back aswel.

  • I believe legally babies should not have forward facing seats until nine months old.
  • shellycrook2bshellycrook2b Posts: 1,299
    Hi can't. Yes I'd read about the forward facing ones, it was the rear facing ones that I was worried about and whether they could go in the back. I think given what everyone has said this LO will be going in the back from birth!! X
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    We had the nmaxicoxsi pebble with the isofix and moved Sam last week into the pearl when he was 10.5 months old. We had originlly planned to leave him in the first one until 1yr but he has been rubbing his feet frantially on the back of the seat and had started to damage the fabric!!! (little monkey!) He had literally just reached the weight limit (he is quite light) and as he clearly was struggling for leg room we moved him.

    We did quite a lot of research on car seats in the back or front as when pregnant I had a company car that I had been allocated rather than chosen and it was quite sporty but three door and I physically couldnt get the car seat in the back without having to turn the car seat on its side! I did loads of research ahead of having a big battle with work to swap the car as they kept sayin that i should put it in the front! Apparently the recommendation for the back seat is partially because statistically there is more chance of the front of a car being damaged in a crash than the rear as well as the fact that there is no guarentee that the air bag wont go off! Saying that though i have a lot of friend who have had the seat on the front for a variety of different reasons and have had no problems.

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