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Just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant - what can I eat on holiday??

Hi everyone,

I have just found out I'm pregnant - I'm guessing about 5 weeks gone. Completely unplanned so I have no idea what to do. Thing is we are off on holiday in 2 weeks to Turkey on an all inclusive holiday and I'm really clueless as to what I am allowed to eat. I was thinking of sticking to salads but I read on another site to avoid them.

Does anyone know what I should be eating and what to avoid ? image xx


  • Hey

    Yu can eat most things just make sure meat is thoroughly cooked (no pink steak!), no mould grown cheeses, no runny eggs, no nuts, if there are places selling freshly squeezed orange juice etc it's best to avoid it as its not pasteurised, be careful with ice cream - shop bought normally fine but avoid mr whippy etc as they are made with eggs that obviously aren't cooked! I think the reason they say to avoid salads abroad is that they may be washed with their tap water which nobody can drink anyway.

    If you look on the nhs website there's a section about what to avoid on there, I will only have touched on a few!

    Congratulations and good luck!x
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786

    Check out the NHS website, if you know the salad is washed in bottled water you are fine, you can have all types of potatoes and most meats as long as cooked properly. You can also have most types of fish and shellfish if cooked, ie prawn curry is ok but they say to be careful of prawns in a sandwich etc in case not defrosted properly. Eggs the yolk to be solid, no unpasturised cheeses, so bries etc and blue vein cheese.

    Watch your caffine intake too
  • roo10roo10 Posts: 722

    Congratulations on your pregnancy & have a fantastic holiday image.

    With regard to foods, as someone else says salads ok if not washed with tap water. I haven't actually stopped eating anything. Eggs I can't eat anyway as I'm allergic to them, but I figured if I was eating it before then I'll be fine, & touch wood all seems good & I'm now 38 weeks.

  • Hi, we're just back from turkey and I'm 23 weeks pregnant. I avoided salads as they're washed in water and also try to stay away from ice in your drinks too. I stuck to meat, potatoes, pizza and pasta. A real carb fest! Although it was pretty cloudy I also used a higher factor sun cream as I felt my skin pretty sensitive to the sun. Other than that I was fine and had no dodgy tummy upsets. Relax and have a great time. The Turks love a pregnant lady! X
  • Hey, thanks for all your responses - you have helped.a lot Xx
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    Id just echo the suncream comment - I sat out in the garden for about 30 minutes a couple weeks back when we had that nice weather, and had slight strap marks the next day - so your skin will be much more sensitive to the sun.

    Im so jealous - Id love to be jetting off to Turkeyimage Hope you have a great time.

    Also, if you havent been before, make sure you keep some GBP's with you as a lot of places will give you a much better exchange rate if you pay in £'s

  • congrats... just avoid high mercury fish
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