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All day morning sicknes....what were your remedies??

Hi girls!

I am only 5 and a half weeks pregnant but really suffering from all day nausea...I have tried the dry crackers before I get up and wear the sickness bands all the time...just wondering what worked for you?

The doctor said to keep trying new things until I find something that works but its hard to know where to start!?!?!

Any suggestions???


  • Ginger biscuits! I had to graze alll day eating little and often mainly. I also stook to plain food!

    Good luck!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    I grazed too, jelly sweets helped as did lemon squash and ice lollies, I froze some orange juice and apple juice in lolly moulds

    I think the feeling sick all day was worse than when I was actually sick as once I was sick I felt better
  • MRSWADE419MRSWADE419 Posts: 101
    Thanks for the replies.

    Yeah Ive felt the same, If i eat something first thing and then am sick, it seems to ease the nausea enough to eat something! very strange!

    I will try the lolly pops as i feel that im not drinking enough.

    I feel really sluggish! Not how i want to be feeling right now!

    When did yours seem to disappear?
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019

    I feel your pain, I am 23weeks pg and my sickness is only now calming down however I was really bad and ended up having to be taken to hospital one night by hubby around 12 weeks!

    I'm sure you won't be that bad and really hope it goes away soon, they usually say it calms down by 12 weeks and is gone by 16 weeks but everyone is different. I agree with cebpickle1, ice lollies and jelly sweets (particularly the fruit factory's fruit stars and strings that you can get in Tesco's) were a big help for me. I tended to nibble on dried fruit and biscuits throughout the morning.

    Again, hope you are feeling better soon! xXx
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    mine was about 20 weeks when it went I did find fluid made it worse so the lollies helped with that
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Marmite! But not helpful if you're a hater....

    I second dry ginger biscuits and dried fruit. I also ate an unusual amount of breadsticks and dairylea!

    You can get some special ice pops that are designed for pregnant women.... but our chemist never had any in stock so I just got stacks of those ice pops you buy on the shelf and freeze yourself which I ate non stop from weeks 9-12!

    It's horrible I know but will pass.... Hope you feel better soon x
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    Ginger biscuits. And stick with them for a few days, it takes a while to take effect.

    Eat little and often and dont let your blood sugar fall low. That's when I feel the worst.

    Go for a walk. I know it may seem like the last thing you want to do, but gentle exercise in fresh air seems to aleviate my symptoms.
  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Oh just thought of something- pregnacare made me feel worse so changed to sanatogen mum to be and felt much better!
  • Congratulations on getting your BFP New Mrs Wade! I am also suffering quite badly with all day nausea and sickness (coupled with extreme exhaustion) so feel your pain. Haven't really found anything to help apart from making sure that I don't get too hungry. First thing in the morning is the worst time of day, I am really struggling to get up and out of bed as I feel so terrible. Agree with picklepick though, a little walk with some fresh air helps. I try and pop out each day on my lunchbreak (even when I feel like death warmed up!). Em xxx
  • NurseYatesNurseYates Posts: 472

    I,m 16 weeks pregnant and had terrible sickness and nausea from around 8-14 weeks, i was sick all day. I couldn,t keep anything down and the doctor told me to use travel sickness armbands which press on your presssure pionts. These really helped me you can get them at boots, much cheaper on ebay.

    Hope these help xx
  • sweetjouksweetjouk Posts: 792
    I used to keep a pot of cereal (usually bran flakes or honey nut cornflakes) by my bed and occasionally eat a couple of flakes when I felt ill in the night / early morn and this helped a bit.

    I found in the daytime it helped if I had something like a boiled sweet or mint in my mouth all the time. I barely ate as felt so rubbish but mint imperials were on the go a lot! I also found drinking hot water (just boiled water in a mug) was easier than cold drinks or flavoured hot drinks like herbal teas.

    it is really horrible feeling sick all the time. I felt like I was on a boat but couldn't get off - was that kind of travel sickness feeling. Mine went around 16 weeks but I still had odd bouts on and off. And once that had gone the heartburn / indigestion started so I had to be careful with eating again!

    It will all be worth it though.

  • KLC27KLC27 Posts: 580
    1st baby I was sick till the day I had him, including in labour and he was two weeks docor just told me 'your pregnant and its just one of them things' this time round I found that mints helped and the sickness calmed down abit by 20ish weeks but it has come back with a vengence almost 35 weeks, I think you just have to try everything and pray that something works for you!! Good luck and I hope it does subside for you!
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    I had it horrendously from 5 weeks until 26 weeks, vomiting upto 15 times a day most days. Retching so much I actually pulled a chest muscle. Once it stopped I had a respite of a couple of weeks and then the indigestion/ sickness kicked in until I had her. I was even vomiting on the labour ward.

    I found ice pops helped too. I even got the lillipops online and the flavours were very strange. Pure apple juice was a must too. I drank upto 2 litres a day some days.

    All I can say is make sure you drink plenty to keep you hydrated. Because if you do get dehydrated then you will end up in hospital on a drip as I did at 8.5 weeks

    Dawn x
  • abi2889abi2889 Posts: 486
    Plain biscuits made me feel worse which was a bit annoying! So I settled with m&s lightly salted squares crisps. They're not really salty like some crisps and seemed to do the trick!

    I definitely found that if I didn't eat in the morning I always threw up later in the day and felt worse! Peppermint tea was quite good for something to drink as I found coffee tasted weird!
  • MRSWADE419MRSWADE419 Posts: 101
    Thank you for all your replies!!

    I tried several types of crackers/ biscuits before getting up in the morning and this definitely helped (not dry crackers though!)

    I went and bought some stem ginger biscuits with dark chocolate...eating them is a bit hard but if i manage to get one down me i tend to feel better within half an hour!

    I have ordered some of the lillipops...going to pick them up on Wednesday as I now have the horrid metallic taste in my mouth and cant seem to drink much!! One thing gets better and another gets worse!!

    Oh the joys of early pregnancy!! image
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