Registering Baby

Im off the register my daughters birth later today, I was wondering if there's anything I need to take. They didn't mention anything to me when I booked and the government website doesn't say anything. Do I need to take ID? If so what's best.

Thank you


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We had a form from the hospital with our discharge notes also take your child benefit form as ours can now verify birth certificate rather than you have to send off. We bought 2 full certificates on the day as £4 on the day but £10 in future. We were told to take cash as there was charge for cards

    We took passport and driving licence but can't remember if used them
  • MiaLeaceyMiaLeacey Posts: 1,184
    We took ID but didn't need it.
  • m0nkeym00m0nkeym00 Posts: 841
    Thanks ladies, took id and little red book but didn't need anything.

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  • MrsQM2MrsQM2 Posts: 3,723
    I asked this at antenatal last week, apparently, as soon as baby is born, the midwives electronically inform the registrars, so they should already be on the system, you just need to give them baby's "number".

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    it's exciting isn't it seeing their names on an actual certificate, as if they hadn't made their presence already well known image
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