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Looking for a baby sling. Any suggestions good or bad would be great. Do have a bad back though. Cheers x


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    We originally got a mamas and papas one which claimed to be easy to use but I found it so complicated that Sam was hysterical by the time we got him in. I took it back and ordered a basic babybjorn one which whilst more expensive was fantastic! We got ours too late really but next time I would use it straight away as it is good for using round the house when trying to get stuff done. he weighs about 20lb now and we still occasionally use it, although we have just got a secondhand back carrier as its more comfortable for him now he is bigger.

    Hannah x
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    Not used it in practice yet but I have the Mabyland one.

    Tested a few at the baby show and liked this as it was nice and compact and lightweight, easy to put on and adjust.

    It prob won't last much past 6-9 months but I suffer with a bad back so wouldn't prob be able to carry baby around in a sling at this stage anyway

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    I bought the mamas and papas one originally too and hated it, my lo just wasn't comfortable so we tried the ergo baby carrier. I got it cheaper from ebay (£50) and we have been very pleased with it. You can use it early on by using the infant insert and the weight is all on your hips instead of your back. You can carry your lo on your back too when they are older and also on the side. It's also easy to use, I can put him in it by myself on front or back easily. I am quite petite and can carry my lo on the front or back for long periods without any discomfort and he is 9 months old so not that small anymore.
  • I would try them out in store with baby. My ds hated the sling. I used it once and it's now in the wardrobe!
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    We got one from Mothercare but I wouldn't recommend it as baby sweated horrendously in it. By the time we had finished shopping she was drenched.

    Dawn x
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    Our friends have a baby bjorn (I think just the original one although i can't really tell the difference) that they say is fantastic. Hubby had a go of it (with their little boy in it, not just for fun image ) and said it was dead comfy. They borrowed it from some of their friends who have a daughter 9 months older than their son, and these friends now want it back for their 2nd LO who is due in June - so that's two couples who have recommended it (and also suggests its pretty durable if it can do two babies and still be going strong)

    Off the back of this I bought one for £10 on ebay. Didn't want to spend all that money on a new one, but it does seem like a good brand.

    Oh & a guy at work had a babasling for his daughter and said he couldn't get the hang of it and just felt like she was constantly about to fall out! image
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    It's so hard to chose. I like those wrap ones but can't find one to try. Might search eBay.
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    My cousin has a baba sling fabric one and uses it all the time, her LO now 8 months old, she really rates it
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    I've been given a Celeb Sling for free. Obviously, as you'll see fro my ticker I've not had chance to use it yet but the reviews it gets seem to be good.
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