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Can I take hayfever tablets?

Hi, just wondered if anyone could help? We are due to start ttc after our wedding in June but I get really bad hayfever, I'm on the strongest prescription ones I can get and sometimes still have bad hayfever days so was wondering do I have to stop taking tablets once pregnant and if so would it be best to stop taking them as soon as we start ttc so that they arn't in my system when pregnant? I know should probably ask doctor but have had problems before with useless doctor. Thanks. x


  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262

    I would def say check with your doc. HOWEVER, i have very bad allergies and been taking loratadine hayfever tablets on prescription along with montelukast/singulair and a nasonex nasal spray for a few years.

    When I asked the doctor before ttc he said that all were fine to carry on taking although he recommended that I change the loratadine for piriton as there is more research on the prition and been around longer so they are more confident about them. That being said the pharmasist refused to sell them to me when pregnant without a prescription from the doctor!

    Also, I have not been taking mine whilst pregnant as I would rather suffer with my allergies that risk my baby at all. 1 of my allergies is animals and we have a pet dog and I have to say that since falling pregnant I have not had any problems - not sure if its the hormones but have only had 1 bout of allergy and only lasted a couple of days

    Good luck x x
  • dawnio1977dawnio1977 Posts: 374
    i get terrible hayfever every year. Touch wood, this year i havent had ANY. 18 weeks pregnant... nice to have a positive side effect!
  • mrsleggomrsleggo Posts: 807
    I took piriton whilst I was pregnant as I suffered with constant itching. But I checked with my doc first that it was ok

    Dawn x
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