SPD/pelvic pain sufferers...

Would having SPD put you off having more children in the future?

I am suffering pretty bad, I'm 38 weeks and basically immobile and housebound. Wish I could say on bed rest but I'm too sore in bed so don't have that luxury.

We saw a consultant today to discuss birthing options which was great but she basically told us to seriously consider having anymore children as the SPD will only get worse with future pregnancies image this breaks my heart, I know she hasn't forbidden us and it's our choice but we're only just starting our family and already being told to cap it.

She also wanted to admit me for the next 2 weeks so I can get the pain relief and bed rest I need but I've refused, I'd rather suffer at home.

I'm way too hormonal to take on all of this just now! I guess just not having a good day!! Nothing a bar of chocolate won't solve I'm sure xx


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    I'm just over 39 wks & been suffering with spd from about 34 weeks. I'm pretty much housebound now, but it hasn't got too much worse after being warned it would. My midwife said i would get it again & prob worse if I have another baby, but shed refer me to physio very early on and they would help with exercises plus give me a support.

    What birthing options did the consultant give you? My.midwife told me to tell them on delivery suite that I can't have my legs apart for too long, eg in stirrups.

    But in all, it doesn't put me off having another one image

  • I have been seeing the physio since 20 weeks and gave also had the support belt since then. Now on codeine for the pain.

    I am going next week (39weeks) for a sweep with a view to being induced before the end of the week. She told me I will be given an epidural as early as possible but there was no mention of positions etc x
  • Hi

    I was diagnosed at 24 weeks. I had weekly physio and it really helped. I refused medication as didn't want to take any risks. It didn't cause any issues during labour and pain was gone straight after. I did have pain when walking for first few weeks after birth but it quickly went.
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    I had severe SPD from week 12 onwards. I had to have a month of bed rest at 12 - 16 weeks due to lower back moving / slipping, then really struggled throughout. I was signed off work from 6 months as couldn't do anything! I have a longstanding medical condition which exacerbated the problem so had been expecting it. My pelvis moved slowly back into place after birth- took about 12 wks but it was considerably better as soon as baby was out, so those 12 wks were nothing like the spd during pregnancy. My pelvis still sits a bit wider and my LO is now 7 months BUT I still want one more baby! I reckon I'll be wheelchair bound for most of pregnancy (I have a wheelchair for long distances anyway due to current medical problems) and I'll need help with current LO and likely to get signed off work again but I really want 2 children, always have.

    I think to do it more than twice would be too much and my pelvis would probably never return! So after 1 more babba that is it! But I won't let it stop me for now. As long as I'm careful from start I think I'll manage - but then being disabled already I don't know if this colours my decision! And of course, I already have a home set up catered for mobility impairment so it wasn't as bad as for somepne whp has stairs for eg.
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    Hi, I treat with ladies with spd every day, have you tried using crutches or getting a support belt to provide some compression? which would then ease the pain. Avoid Found anything that means your standing on one leg (ie put your trousers on sitting down). Also make sure you do your pelvic floor muscles very regularly to try and provide some muscle stability. Hope that helps x
  • Gosh sweetjo that sounds horrific, I am certainly not that bad however get the impression in future pregnancies I'd be much worse than I am just now. How did your birth go if you don't mind me asking? We're you started? I too would be more than happy with 2 kids, this is what we had planned. We do have stairs in our house, fortunately a bit upside down as our bedroom is downstairs and our living room up so I can live on our ground floor for now but won't be the case when baby is here as its room will be upstairs.

    Hi Sp2013, thanks for your advice. I already have a support belt and do everything (where possible) with my legs together but I don't have crutches. Physio won't see me again as they said there is nothing more they can do for me. I'm back to the consultant on Monday so will hopefully have a date for induction in the next week x
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    Well it's good you don't have to do stairs too much at moment. Other people I know managed by going up and downstairs on bum etc but still found it hard.

    I had to be induced 10 days after my due date as OB was concerned I wouldn't be able to get out of bed even if we went to the usual 2 weeks they wait before induction. They did 5 sweeps on me image between 39 weeks and the induction and although had a show, nothing else happened.

    I was given pessary at 9.00 in morn and I was really grumpy as I felt like nothing was happening and I was going to take at least 2 pessary's to get going as everyone had told me how unfavourable my cervix was! They have to wait 6 hrs between pessary's so I thought I'd be there forever! At 3pm they checked on me and said that because I wasn't really contracting they'd probably have to do another pessary. But MW was surprised and said I'd actually made good progress so could have waters broken. So we were moved to labour ward. Waters broken with hook thing (didn't feel it really though!) and they were just fitting me for a hormone drip when I suddenly started getting big contractions 2 mins apart! So no drip needed. And within 5 hrs of having waters broken babs was here. In terms of how the SPD affected labour, I couldn't have an active labour so easily as getting on and off bed agony. There was only one point where the SPD caused an issue and that was when during pushing the midwife tried to push one of my legs back and it killed. Hubby stopped her straight away as he knew the scream was SPD related rather than pushing related! So just make sure whoever is your birthing partner is aware and keeps reminding the staff - especially when you get to pushing phase.

    A lot of the medical proffession say the labours are shorter for those with SPD because the pelvis has already shifted apart somewhat so the contractions have less work to do to move baby and the passage is a bit wider image Must say it didn't feel like that to me, but it was a relatively quick labour for a 1st baby so maybe?

    Good luck chicken. You really will feel much better almost instantly but still go gently for a while as you'll still be shifting back into place xxx
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    Sorry to hear you are all suffering, I have it this time round, I didnt get it with my 1st so was abit shocked, im now 36 weeks and have had it from about 22 weeks! I would say dont ,let it put you off having more children because the way I look at it is its only suffering for 9 months and the you have a lifetime with the child, and ive had two terrible pregnancies, my son will be 3 and a half when this baby gets here, so I did leave abit of a gap...wanted them closer together but couldnt face it!!

    All I would say on it though is a second pregnancy when you are suffering with SPD and have another child is VERY HARD WORK!!!!! a three year old doesnt understand that you want to sit and cant run around and cant run up and down the stairs at there every wim!!

    My BIL girlfriends ex next door neighbour has just had her 7th!!!! and was told she should get sterilised while in hospital giving birth as she was suffereing with SPD really bad and her body really wouldnt take another pregnancy!!
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