Anyone not having the normal pregnancy symptoms?

Ok, so finally (after 6 years) Hubby and I are pregnant (naturally conceived too - Yey!) but I haven't had any symptoms at nausea, no soreness, nothing. I've had my 12 week scan and everything is A-Ok but I just feel a bit weird to not feel pregnant at all. Has anyone else had this?



  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262
    I had this and was so worried about it. Am now 30 weeks though and all OK image Just enjoy being one of the lucky ones!!! x x
  • martinej1martinej1 Posts: 688
    I too had no symptoms whatsoever and haven't been sick once during my pregnancy. Now 36 weeks image

    Don't worry and congratulations

  • helentinkhelentink Posts: 976
    Thanks ladies, I'm just hoping I start to show soon, just to keep my mind at ease. image x
  • michnankmichnank Posts: 204
    I didn't have any symptoms either, it wasn't till the 12 week scan that it sunk in that I was pregnat. Also didn't have any kicking or movement till about 25/26 weeks. Now I am 35 weeks and still feeling generally fine. So don't worry, count yourself lucky!
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