Pregnant after 2nd miscarriage

hello all, just wondered if anyone had been in a similar situation to myself? I've suffered 2 early miscarriages, the last one only in mid march at 6-7 weeks. Did a test today as 6 weeks later still no period and was very shocked to get a BFP (4 times on different tests!). We were not trying as were going to give my body a break for a few months but must have caught on the one and only time...if u know what I mean. We are obviously very anxious, I think we are about 6 weeks, just wondered if anyone had any similar stories? Thanks. X


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    Huge congrats on your pregnancy. I haven't been in your situation but I have a friend who has. She had 2 miscarriages & was heartbroken. She got pregnant for the 3rd time and we all said 3rd time lucky & it was. She had a healthy pregnancy and had a lovely little girl. The only sad thing was, was because of the miscarriages she kind of didn't acknowledge the pregnancy & refused to allow herself to enjoy it. She only accepted it about 8 months. But all was good.

    Wishing you a happy & healthy 9 months

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    Hi there, congratulations on your pregnancy. I can relate to everything your feeling. We had our first miscarriage in July at about 5 weeks, then a second miscarriage in early December. Then in january after a new years holiday away, I still hadn't had a period from the last miscarriage, took a test and we were about 5 -6 weeks pregnant. We paid to have an early scan at about 8 weeks which was amazing, saw the heartbeat and then the 12 week scan was even better!! I'm now nearly 19 weeks pregnant but even now, still very anxious about the whole pregnancy. Hope it all goes well for you . Heather xx
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    Congratulations hun. Although I only had 1 miscarriage my story is very similar. Had a miscarriage in mid Sep at 7 weeks. Hospital weren't very good to be honest and didn't tell us anything. Somebody asked when we could try again as she had been told to wait and I panicked and booked to see the doctor. She was great and said that we could try as soon as I felt ready emotionally and physically. Was a bit worried as had been having irregular periods and so doctor said if nothing by end of Oct then to go back to see her.

    On the last day of Sept I told hubby I was going to phone the docs but do a test that eve as I knew this would be the first question she asked. To my utter shock it was positive and had all sorts of emotions running through me.

    It was really hard to get excited at first and I still have days when I panic about everything but I am now almost 31weeks and all is going OK this time round. Although the midwife saw us early they would not give me an early scan (although they might let you having had 2 before - also differs depending on where you live I think) so we paid for a private scan and all was well.

    Try and stay positive - I know how hard it is but there is nothing you can do to stop it happening so just look after yourself.

    Wishing you all the best for a happy and healthy pregnancy x x x
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    Thank you so much for your replies. We are just going to take each day as it comes and hopefully this will be 3rd time lucky! We also think if all goes well over the next couple of weeks we will book a private early scan at 8ish weeks. Thank u again for your replies, it's so nice to hear some positive stories from similar situations. Xx
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    We booked ours for when we thought we were about 8 weeks (on the basis that was longer than the last time) and we were 7 weeks 3 days when we went.

    Have everything crossed for you image x x
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