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gggggrrrrrrrrrrrr........moment of the day!!!

Ok, so NewmrsM had her awwwwww moment and I know my gggrrrrr moment is so petty but I just had to share to get it off my chest.

Yesterday was my daughter Nell's 2nd birthday, now I get on OK with my inlaws but they do drive me mad a lot too. Things like never visiting us and us always having to drive the 1.5 hours each way to see them everytime. So they send her a card and ok it says "to our grandaughter" on the front but it has a photo of stiletto heels and a handbag on it....she is 2 for gods sake not 22!!!! And instead of ringing up and wishing her happy birthday they send us a text message........ggggggrrrrrrr!!!!

Sorry for that

Dawn x


  • NowMrsMNowMrsM Posts: 536
    Does she not wear stilettos yet then? image

    I feel your pain- my MiL seems to be stalking us and my SiL totally ignores that we're any part of their family....

    In laws.... Meh. It's a good thing our LOs are so gorgeous! X
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    I have a theory about inlaws, which I won't bore you with just now, but mine do drive me up the wall sometimes! At the moment Bil is turning 30 this December and has been married 2 years but has no kids although he is desperate to become a Dad. Hubby has not long turned 27 and I will be 23 in July and have been married since last September and having our first child in August. When we travelled 4-5hours to spend a few days with Bil and his wife, he was just really cold with us especially if the baby was mentioned. Honestly I was ready to smack him, is he turning 30 or 3!?!?! *sigh* image *big hugs* for you hun! I feel your pain. xx
  • I feel your pain ladies-in laws! My mil expects us to drive 4 hours to see her and then sits and watches tv and hardly speaks to us-plus we are squeezed in a box room! Told hubby im nt drivung all that way to be treated like that. Hubby is 26 and she treats him like a kid saying thungs like 'oh dear youve got no mashed potatoe to plant your trees in' (hubby use to put brocoli in his mashed potatoe when he was like 5! not sure how things are going to be when baby c is born!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    i feel your pain my MIL lives round the corner and keeps arriving unannounced on the doorstep, she also goes shopping and tells me what she saw and nearly bought Caitlin. She hasn't bought any of these items yet.
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    I think all Inlaws are the same.

    My MIL has made such a big thing out of them NOT buying anything for bubba (their 1st grandchild) until after he's born...which is fine with me if thats what they want to do...but then last night after finding out we have all the big expensive stuff already (mostly thanks to my parents), she asked what could she get him, when I asked for some soft toys / toys suitable for a baby she looked so relieved and said "oh thats good cos I dont want to spend more than £30".

    Now, im away that i probably sound very ungreatful as anything is a bonus but come on already, there was no need to tell me you wont be spending more than that!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    No you are right to moan, it is their grandchild!!
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