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Swing or bouncer chair?

Hi all,

Chloe is only 11 days old however I think we need to be thinking about one of the above.

Chloe is really good in that she barely cries! But she just wants to be awake all the time! She feeds every four hours but after each feed she stays awake for two hours. It doesn't affect her feeding times, she sticks to four hours and is eating plenty, but she just wants to sit and look around. If we put her down in her basket awake she cries!

So holding her for 4 hours at a time just so she can look round Isn't practical -especially at 3am and so we figured one of the above would be good for her and us - she can stay awake/sleep as she pleases in between feeds If she won't go down in her basket, and we can do whatever - clean, eat, sleep etc!!!

Both are suitable for from birth but I wondered if anyone had any preferences? X


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    We had a chair as it is light so can easily be moved from room to room when doing housework etc and we are going to family today and putting it in we have the fisher price lovely planet one and Caitlin loves it. do you have any shops near you that you could try her in?
  • shellycrook2bshellycrook2b Posts: 1,299
    Yes there are a couple of shops nearby, would you recommend trying her in them? Do you mean for size or to see her reaction??
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    I actually have both as brought a bouncer, then someone at work was getting rid of a rocker/swing thing - so got that as it was cheap! LoL

    He said that his LO just wouldnt settle in the rocker, so might be worth while going to see if you can test one out somewhere before shelling out lots of pennies if you can

  • MrsH2128MrsH2128 Posts: 566
    I had a swing chair from mamas and papas (it was reduced as it was an outlet store) and son would fall asleep in it within minutes. The music was also good, lullabies and you could adjust the volume and turn it down. We never had a bouncer but the only thing with the swing wad that we couldn't use it until my son was a month old as he was too small for it. But we did get plenty of use out of it after and it folded flat so took it with us to relatives houses.
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    Im planning on getting a bouncer for ours just for times when I'm showering etc, but I have a friend who is a paediactrc physiotherapist who is very opinionated on modern parenting techniques causing a rise in flat head syndrome. And you really should restrict the amount of time your baby is sat in a car seat or bouncer, etc. Here's a news article on it

    She says you should carry your baby, have it on your knee and on their tummy on a playmat as much as possible when they are awake.

    Just thought I'd share it.
  • ditzidancerditzidancer Posts: 1,145
    We've gone for chicco MIA bouncer. It's got a little baby nest for newborns and is reallywell padded! It lies down flat for naps and also sits up. Think they are good for feeding in when babies older too.

    Orr chloe sounds lovely! Have you got an activity mat? And lots of black, white and red toys? I've even heard that putting the bouncer in front of the washer soon cycle entertains them, lol! Xxx
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    I did mean to see the babies reaction if possible
  • KLC27KLC27 Posts: 580
    Lovely to hear you and Chloe are doing well!

    We bought Kai a bouncy chair which he liked for a few weeks, then he went off it and we bought him a vibrating chair...he liked the vibrating box when it was put in his moses basket but not in the chair, we then bought him a swinging chair which he was ok in but prefered once he got a bit older, sorry thats not much help but I think it depends on the child and is trial and error...on the bright side for this one I have lots to choose from!! image x
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