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Screen Name | Name | EDD | Finding out? | Think its...? | Nickname / Name for baby
July 2012:
*RRr2011 / Liz / 30th June / No
*MrsKW2011 / Katie / 4th / Yes / Its a Boy - Zak Michael
*Flossy17 / Hannah / 20th / Probably
*Fairy_DMT / Amy "D" / 29th / Yes
*Roo1983 / Rhona / 30th / Dont think so / Boy / Bob
*hayleyr2751 / Hayley / 29th / Yes / Its a Girl - Esme Izabella

August 2012:
*MrsHedley2b / Sarah / 5th / No we want the surprise
*Kerriganchan / Kerry / 13th / Probably wont / Jabba
*Lilleauk / Lily / 19th

September 2012:
*Sarahbabeous / Sarah / 8th / Dont think we will / ? / Boy
*MrsC81 / Anna / 9th / Prob wont - want a surprise
*MrsO_84 / Toni / 13th / Hubby wants to, I dont
*Arubababy82 / Natasha / 18th / Yes / Its a Girl / Poppy
*Dawnio1977 / Dawn / 19th / We wont find out / Kermit
*marriedtlast2010 / Suzanne / 25th
*mol1977 / Heather / 21st / no - probably not.

October 2012:

November 2012:
*Picklepink / Laura / 2nd / Its a Girl / Peanut
*JonesyToBe / Tonii / 5th / ? / BabaJonesy
*NM2012 / Niki / 14th / Think we will leave it as a surprise / Think it's a boy
*waited82 / Debra / 15th
*charlottehague / Charlotte / 16th / Its a Girl / Baby
*soontobemrspod / Sam / 28th / I want to

December 2012:

January 2013:
*19thAugust2011Bride / Charlotte / 17th
*MrsA2b / Carly / 20th / yes / OH thinks its a boy
*clarabel1983 / Clara / 20 / yes
*Feb_bride2012 / 23rd Jan
*furture_mrs_dale / Kayleigh / 25th
*katyh1982 / Katy

February 2013:
*WifeyWantsABaby / Alicia / 11th / Probably wont but dying to find out / Spud/Romeo the Embryo
*Chezza2005 / Cherry / 15th
*Fairykittyuk / 15th / yes / girl / Poppy

March 2013:

Unknown at this time:
*lf4ct / Louisa

Please feel free to stay here and chat for as long or little as you like as your 'pearls of wisdom' will be greatly received by the ladies who have just gotten their BFP's, those with worries, or those that just need a good old fashioned rant! image

Any ladies wishing to add any details, please just say so and I will update them for you





  • Roo1983Roo1983 Posts: 416
    Thanks Katie, the other thread was getting pretty darned huge!

    Hayley - was just catching up on the old thread, hope you're feeling better and that your bp comes back down. My Mym had pre-eclampsia with me but it wasn't picked up until she was in labour image so it's good that they're monitoring you just now.

  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Woohoo! Shiny, new thread image

    Hope you are all well ladies! xXx
  • hayleyr2751hayleyr2751 Posts: 455
    Katies thanks for the new thread

    Rhona - i feel better knowing they are keeping a close eye on me.

    Kerri - have you thought any more about your new venture?

    I am not very good at resting and doing nothing x
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Morning girls, hope no one is having bother with flooding etc. For once Scotland (or atleast where I am in Scotland) is seeing the sun! Guess my sun dance the other week worked image

    Hayley - I have been working on a Gruffalo cake topper just now so thought I could start putting a portfolio together after that (but include photo's of toppers I have already done). I was going to speak to my twin, who has a degree in business for some help and advice this week and see how I get on from there. Also, I'm no good at resting and doing nothing either! :P

    Had my second class last night which went into detail about the different ways for coping with the pain of labour. We seem to have quite a nice wee group who get on well which makes it easier to relax and take everything in. The midwife who took it last night is the one I have seen the most, a bit dotty but lovely image After the class she asked how my fibromyalgia was doing and she was a bit disappointed to hear that my flare ups were becoming more regular than usual and said if this flare up didn't ease up within the next week, to make an appointment to see her. Will just have to see what happens image

    Hope you are all well. xXx
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    Katie, please can you change my edd to 2nd November. Had my dating scan yesterday and Peanut is about a week bigger than it should be!
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Was that your first scan that you have had Laura? I know I am getting at least one more scan but that isn't until towards the end to check on the size of Jabba. This is to decide whether I am 'allowed' to deliver naturally or if I will have to get a section. xXx
  • hayleyr2751hayleyr2751 Posts: 455
    Morning ladies,

    How are we all?

    The rain here Kerri is awful! had to drive through some floods this morning nothing to major though. I had to tax my car yesterday and it has gone up in price since the letter arrived!

    I get to see Esmee again next week at the consultant as i will have a few more scans now until i deliver. The Doctor called me last night to say my last lot of bloods had come back and that i have raised white blood cells so need to go back to the drs tomorrow morning for some more tests.

    Kerri try send upload a pic of the gruffalo!

  • Roo1983Roo1983 Posts: 416
    Kerri - we have fab weather in Aberdeen too image going to get out at lunchtime as I don't know how long it's going to last!

    I was told that I'm measuring a week ahead too (in length) so asked if that would change my edd... but the midwife said that they leave it as is which I didn't understand!

  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    I hope your bloods settle down soon Hayley but I'm sure it will be nice to see Esmee again next week image Are you all sorted with prams/nursery etc? I will get a picture of the Gruffalo up when I am done, at the moment he is just a skeleton image Ordered some more clay to make sure I have enough so will probably wait until that arrives to clay him up! I will start on the mouse this week though. I am being a bit more ambitious with this topper, so hope it works out ok image

    Rhona - I am planning the same thing, although due to my eczema/fibromyalgia I actually take reactions to the sun so need to wear horrible sun cream. C'est la vie I guess. Thinking of a haggis panini and maybe even and ice cream at lunch time image My baby was slightly longer for my due date as well but my edd was also left. I think it is because baby can go through a sudden growth spurt (they all grow at different rates) and then even out later on, I hope that makes sense!

  • Roo1983Roo1983 Posts: 416
    I thought it would be something like that, guess I was just eager to have my dd brought forward image

    I remember you speaking about the haggis paninis before - yet to see them anywhere else!

    I have really sore skin in between my fingers, seems to come and go but only since falling pregnant - can only assume it's related! xx
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Lol aren't we all?! image

    The sandwich shop don't always make them, they are a kinda special that comes and goes. I love them and when I find out they are back on the specials board, I can't get enough of them! image When I make vol au vents for parties etc, I usually make some with haggis and cranberry sauce. Yummy!

    My eczema has been a lot worse since falling pregnant. It has spread to places I have never really had eczema before. I am only now managing to keep on top of it. Just use lots of moisturiser regularly image

  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    Kerri - I also had a scan at 10+3 because lucky me has a friend who works for Babybond and I got a freebie scan with a dvd. image

    Here's a link to that scan, there's no sound btw

    The scan I had yesterday was my normal NHS dating scan. Peanut was very naughty and at first was upside down. Then its head was sat under my belly button. Had to lie there for half an hour while the sonographer pressed and prodded to try and get it to move so she could measure the nuchal fold. Had to let half my bladder out twice. That was like torture haha!

  • Roo1983Roo1983 Posts: 416
    Ouch! That sounds sore! Both my scans were clearer after I'd been to the loo - then the midwife said that I didn't need to have a full bladder, the letters just say that to be on the safe side - she got a fair scowl from me after the agony of holding it in for so long image although I guess it might be something to do with different machines etc or where your baby is? xx
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    I'm not sure what the need for a full bladder is tbh. Ahh just googled it...

    It was quite sore with the prodding and she did press quite hard sometimes and kept apologising, but it was worth it!
  • dawnio1977dawnio1977 Posts: 374
    I have my 20 week scan tomorrow. image

    We were supposed to be going to a spa hotel on Sunday but have sensibly decided to give it a miss. I think we were both on the trying to make the most of our freedom one before the baby comes that we went a bit overboard. Two bank statements and realising we had been eating out at least two or three times a week, coupled with a holiday at the end of this month has made us both rein it in a bit. we will go.. but maybe a bit nearer the time!
  • lf4ctlf4ct Posts: 352
    oh Dawning I've got my 20 week on Thursday!!!!! xxx
  • lf4ctlf4ct Posts: 352
    sorry meant Dawnio, stupid predictive text! xxx
  • sarahbabeoussarahbabeous Posts: 609
    A lovely new thread! Yay!

    Ooh hope all goes well Dawn on thursday. I was so nervous and didnt enjoy the scan as its quiet during the scan and they are looking for things wrong which made me hold my breath alot of the time. Plus I was in agnoy because of my over filled bladder and them running late!

    Can I ask-if someone said your unborn baby looked like a teddybear at the 20 week scan-would you be offended by this?
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    Sarah - I'm assuming someone said that? I wouldn't be offended. I'd be offended if they said it looked like a gremlin or something, but teddy bears are cute!!
  • sarahbabeoussarahbabeous Posts: 609
    Hey pickle

    Yeah my MIL-it annoyed me! Just like she said hubby would never be able to change a nappy, and how id have to make sure he helps out and does stuff with the baby (me and hubby have a 1/2 and 1/2 relationship, for example if we do the cleaning he does part and I do the other part), and how she will be a Grandma and needs to get grey hair, a perm and wear a flowery dress.

    Maybe it allll annoyed me! Maybe its my emotions!

    grrrr image
  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Hey ladies, hope everyone is well?

    Laura - yay for the scan piccie image

    Dawn and Lousia, good luck for your scans next week image

    Sarah, I dont think id be upset if someone said bubba looked like a teddybear - but then, if it had actually be said to me I might feel different! Lol

    I think MIL's are just designed to annoy us...unfortunately neaarly everything mine says gets me a bit narky.

    On a previous visit to see them, the first words she uttered to me were "Im not buying anything until AFTER the baby is born"...then made a massive big deal over a £2 Winnie the Pooh book she picked up at a car boot sale (when I asked if I could just have a look at it, I was told in no uncertain terms that I would not be taking it home as she wasnt happy about buying anything before baby's arrival, but couldnt pass it up for £2!)

    This all annoyed me some what as his parents are quite comfortable when it comes to money (not well of, but certainly not wanting for anything) yet my parents barely have any money normally, but rhe MIL knows that they would do anything to ensure that we dont go without anything!

    Well...on the visit at the weekend, after finding out that all the big expensive items have been purchased (thanks hugely to my parents {unfortunately my grandad passed away last year so my mum came into a little bit of money}) the MIL asked what she could buy. We'll I asked for some soft toys / toys suitable for a baby because thats all we really need now...and she looked so relieved and actually said "Well thats good because I dont want to spend more than £30"

    - Now, i dont mean to be such a spoilt brat and selfish...but come on - who sets a £30 spending limit on their first Grandchild!?

    I would have been perfectly happy if they only brought one small little toy that only cost a couple of quid, but, to turn round and say thats all that they are willing to spend I thought was a bit out of order!

    Never mind!

    On a positive side though...had my midwife appointment today, and FINALLY got my Anti-D jab image

    Midwife said im measuring perfectly, that baby is currently head down (although he could still move) and that he has a good strong heartbeat, so he's really happy in there image

  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Morning girls!

    Good luck with the up and coming scans, can't wait to hear all about them!

    I can totally sympathise with the inlaw thing, although it's my Bil that is causing the problems...git ????_????

    And yay Katie - Took them long enough!

    Feeling a bit funny today, no really sure how to describe it just now myself image I was e-mailing my twin yesterday and she has very kindly said she will help in anyway if I do want to go ahead with selling my cake toppers which is a big relief. We are meeting for lunch on Saturday and going to the 'Makers Market' in town for some 'market research'image

    Hope you are all well xXx
  • Roo1983Roo1983 Posts: 416
    Well I took offence when hubby's Grandma saw a photo of me and said it looks like we're having a goliath! My bump isn't particularly large, but I guess for starting out quite small it's a big difference, still took it personally though image xx
  • Roo1983Roo1983 Posts: 416
    Have uploaded said photo!

    Katie - I'm glad they got their act together and that you've finally got your jab, what a faff!

    Sounds like a good way to kick things off Kerri, hope it's productive! xx
  • Arubababy82Arubababy82 Posts: 162
    Hehe Laura your comment made me laugh for about 2 minutes...gremlin lol! But Sarah I don't think I would be offended by that comment, but then again, if it was from my MIL then maybe it would. Everything she says winds me up and I always have amazing retorts for her comments, but only after the event. Grrrrr mothers-in-laws!

    Kerri the business idea sounds fab. I hope it really takes off for you, wishing you all the best with it!

    Sooooooo... I had my 20 week scan today and it was amazing! All is well with bubbah and we're having a little girl! We couldn't be happier... I don't think I have stopped smiling since then! However the scan itself was so uncomfortable needing a wee so badly. Worst still was that there was a clock in my eyeline which made the 20 minutes last a lifetime! I counted the number of tiles on the ceiling and the number of screws around the air-conditioning just to distract myself. But obviously all worth it to find out we're having a healthy baby girl! image

    We also got a tour around the delivery suite (after the longest wee in history) and it looks like on OBEM... really excited about it all now!

  • hayleyr2751hayleyr2751 Posts: 455
    Hi All,

    hope you aer all doing ok today?

    It is nearly the weekend!

  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592
    Hey ladies,

    Hope everyone is well?

    Rhona, you have a lovely bump and certainly dont look like your carrying a goliath!

    Tash, Congratulations on a happy and healthy baby girl image ... now you cant start thinking about all those pretty pink clothes you can get, and start sorting out her nameimage

    Hayley, how you feeling now?

  • hayleyr2751hayleyr2751 Posts: 455

    I am feeling ok thanks blood pressure has gone down which is good! swelling of feet and ankles still very much there! lol

    Just trying to keep calm and relax.

    yay another girl xx
  • picklepickpicklepick Posts: 1,141
    Tash, I did exactly the same thing! There were 8 screws holding the vent onto the ceiling and it had 48 holes in it. I remember feeling happy because it was a multiple of 4 and I love those! hahaaaaa image
  • kerriganchankerriganchan Posts: 1,019
    Heya girls image

    Rhona - If it makes you feel any better my Mam walked into the house last night to see me sitting playing with some clay for my Gruffalo cake topper. She looked me up and down and then said 'hello there Fatso' and kept going on about how huge I now am, she only lives 5-10mins away and its not as if I never see her. Cheeky git! Espeically from the woman who had two sets of twins, she is just jealous that she wasn't this small when she was at the same stage! image

    Thanks Tash, will keep you all updated if anything actually happens! I'm glad everything went well at your scan and congrats on the baby girl image

    Hayley - I'm glad things are going in the right direction, really hope it sorts it self out soon *big hugs*

    Not much to say really, just sore and tired but the extra thing of clay that I ordered has arrived today so I will be claying up the Gruffalo tonight. Haven't totally figured how to do it, i.e. make it look hairy, but I have a few ideas and I guess the beauty with clay is that you can try out ideas before shoving it in the oven image

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